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There is no doubt that we are all currently at the crossroads of extraordinary change. It almost seems like the universe is shifting. Everyday consciousness is experiencing a total upheaval that is radiating through our entire planet ranging from the environment, politics, global markets to entertainment/etc.

Change now seems to be the constant mantra being directly sent to us from the universe itself. Every layer of our reality is currently being transformed in some shape or form. We are in a time of profound transformation, so it’s essential for us to stay connect to our true inner selves and not be overtaken by the fears that change naturally brings.

Many of us are currently caught up in our day to day dramas of life, we forget that we, as humans, exist on so many different energy levels. It’s vitally important for us to take a little time to surrender to the greater truth that dwells within each of us. It is essential that we not allow fear to get in the way of this deep knowing. Become present to the truth within you…

Evolution is a natural phenomenon that we sign on when we choose to join the world and experience life through our birth. Transition is inevitable, so try to stay present and be humbled to witness all the vast changes that are currently happening. Hold on to your heart and don’t let fear rule. These times of great change will naturally evoke fear within each of us; but it mainly results from our resistant to change. Our resistant helps to create more of an uncomfortable experience in our lives. As said by Ken Tucker: “Pain is resistance to feeling.”

So open up and trust more the wisdom within you will be ok and get you through these times of great change. The following quote is from Tony Leroy:

“Treat your fear like a flame…a small bit can be a candlelight to light your way. If you allow it to get out of control, it will consume you and everything around you.”

We believe that we can all together consciously create a fantastic change for our future. Positive change is possible so please use these times as healthy lessons to empower you to your own positive transformation. Protect and radiate out your inner self, contribute a healthier you to the future shape of society. Be gentle with yourself through these changes, and please remember that you ARE LOVED.

article inspired by: tony leroy

photo by: carf (via flickr)


Comments on: "How to deal with the changing world" (1)

  1. The article communicates some truths about change and fear, but I would venture that fear cannot consume you…it is actually quite transparent when you approach it. Easily transmuted. But (of course) terrifying and so we usually avoid it and remain stuck in our private and insular worlds.

    And I think our current political/economic climate is teaching us all a thing or two about change being the only constant.

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