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I’m reading The Journey by Brandon Bays at the moment. I’ve had a few health issues that I would like to resolve using the non-conventional techniques. 130 pages in and I’m totally hooked. She uses her own experience of having a tumor the size of a basketball and being told her only avenue to be surgery. Refusing to accept this, she talks about healing through releasing memories trapped in cells which eventually lead to a dis-of-ease = disease. Then goes on to say we have an ‘infinite intelligence’ inside of us to heal ourselves.

The book is packed full of advice and information about knowing oneself and being the best that you can be. Its written in a humbling style – she shares so much with her audience and in a non complex language form. You can catch her on Your Tube – here is just one of many video’s of Brandon talking about her work.


I kind of did it the wrong way around – I had The  Journey experience before I read the book. I have been to see a Journey Practitioner twice now to help me deal with some old stuff. Most Practitioners charge around £300-400. That’s ok, I understand that people need to make a living but it makes this an expensive thing to do. And less people can benefit from this wonderful work due to the cost. I managed to find a very reasonable Practitioner who really did a lot for me. Gopi Gill, through The Journey process, took away a huge memory that was controlling my life and leading me to despair.  I was able to let it all go and move on with my life. She lives in Harrow and has a wonderful therapy room at the end of her garden. I would not hesitate to recommend her.


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