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From time to time, I will add what I call a Sukyism – a belief I personally hold that I feel to share with others. So here is my first.

My Brother-in-Law once said to me everyone needs at least one person who knows them inside out. Someone they can go to when they need help where they won’t be judged, just comforted and consoled.

I agree with him 100%. We all need someone to share our happiness and the hard times with. I do believe a problem shared is a problem halved.

I am lucky to have 2 of these who know everything about me – warts an’ all! I call them my pillars. Together we are a tripod and can cope with anything – no matter what. I never feel alone because I have these 2 beautiful beings who I swear know me at a soul level.

Who are yours? Do they know what they mean to you? If not tell them. The three of us often tell each other that we love each other. At least if something happens to any of us, none of us will be left wondering.


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