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I’ve seen alot in my 34 years and been through experiences that have at times nearly broken me – many times over. However, the desire to not settle for someone/something getting one above on me has always helped me to get out of whatever shit I happen to be going through.

I try to constantly push forward. I read, carry out research, talk to people etc and try to find my solution. Books have been an amazing resource for me and I can safely say other peoples words and experiences have saved me and given me sanctury and hope.

I bet you whatever problems you face, there is a book out there that can help you. We all go through stuff, we just don’t talk as much as perhaps we should and share our experiences.

So we all have a choice. We can either accept a shit life or we can make a decision to want more.

I will recommed books throughout this blog which I have read and which have helped me. A thing I like to do is to give books away as gifts – especially ones illustrating a solution to what that person maybe going through. It can prove a bit expensive but I do what I can when I can. I personally think this is one of the greatest gift one can give. Whether or not they read it straight away isn’t important. The point is that you have given them the gift of a solution. The rest is up to them.  

Oh and if you don’t like reading, there are loads of audiobooks where you can just sit back, listen and absorbe the information.


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