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golden-temple-750A couple of years ago, I went to The Golden Temple in Amritsar, where Sikhism was first born. It was my first time in India and I remember being in the hustle and bustle of the markets outside. There was so much noise; so many people trying to attract my attention to buy their various goods. I had a headache from it all! I walked past the site of  Jallianvala Bag and my heart felt for all those that died here.

It was also an unbearingly hot day. I remember feeling all of these emotions as I got onto the steps to enter Sri Hamandir Sahib/The Golden Temple. I walked up on the hot marble and as I reached the top, everything suddenly stopped. The only sound I could hear was the religious songs being sung in the temple. I was immediately overwhelmed by what I saw and felt. The nearest thing I can describe it to is sanctuary or a coming home kind of feeling. I felt like I was meant to be there. I walked around with my Grandparents trying to absorb as many views as I could of this magnificent place. There has to be something in it. My 5 senses couldn’t comprehend it but my soul could.

There are many places in this beautiful world that give us this feeling. This is a great site that explores many more of these Sacred Places.

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