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I lost him 13 years ago. I saw him in the morning and in the evening I was told he died in an accident. That’s not important. What is important is that he gave me something no one else has ever – belief in myself.

Once he sat me down for a serious chat. He told me that I am far more intelligent than my straight Grade A friend who lived down the road. He told me that if I channel my energies into one focus, I could achieve anything I want to. And he was right. Everything I ever achieved was when I applied myself and just thought about the goal at the end.

At the time, I laughed and didn’t believe a word he was saying. Many others before him had told me I was stupid and could never amount to anything. I was a mischievious teenager and probably did things I shouldn’t have! I had no self awareness or confidence in myself.

I graduated from university with a Degree in Business a year after he died. It was the best and the worst day of my life because I wanted him there – no one else. I have pushed through this life and tried to be a good person despite what I have been though and I have come out ok – I owe that to him and that chat we had that day.

He was the only person who made me feel right when I was growing up. He was the only person I felt genuine love from.

So those for you that have kids out there or someone who looks up to you, make sure you tell them you believe in them. I know with the life I had, I could have very easily turned out to me a horrible person. I could have easily said…ok screw this. But I didn’t because one person in the world told me I was better. I owe everything I have achieved to him.

I will wait  for the day our souls meet again Dad. Thank you. You don’t know what you did for me.


Comments on: "To my Dad – a wonderful man" (1)

  1. Fedwa Tahri said:

    Lovely and heartfelt article.

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