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I see so many examples where people are going through stuff or have past stuff that they carry with them and don’t deal with. They even integrate it into their daily lives. This can even go onto destroy relationships because the other people around have to endure this.

So take a good look inside yourself. Do you have baggage? Old problems? Childhood stuff? Stuff you should have let go of or dealt with by now?

You have to deal with it. We live in times where there is a huge array of information around us and lots of help. The Internet has opened up a whole new pathway to information – use it.

1) Work out what your problems/issues are

2) Carry out as much research as you can on how you can heal yourself or sort the situation. Look on the Internet, talk to people, find books related to your subject and read them, get advice, join support groups where there are people who have been through your issue/problem before, get outside help like Counselling or see a Healer etc. Empower yourself with knowledge. Write things down if you need to, make a record of what you have learned.

3) Put it all into practice. Do what you need to to remedy yourself. Love, honor and respect yourself enough to want to do that for you.

4) Get on with your life and be happy.

It’s not a fair thing to do – to be a certain way because there is something hovering over you that you have not dealt with. It hurts you and the people around you. So come on, find your solution. Work towards it.

I am able to write this because I solved my problems. I liberated myself and I’m now really happy. You can be too.


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