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I was in Bath at the weekend with my 2 closest friends Feds and Shals and Fed’s daughter, Malak. We were walking around and I saw this restaurant. I’m a vegetarian and have been my whole life apart from when I went through a rebellious stage and tried meat and fish. I liked the taste but I couldn’t accept what I had done because it was not my norm – I had to stop. Anyway…I saw this restaurant and for a laugh, said ‘c’mon girls, lets try this’. To be honest I didn’t think they would go for it. But they did and we all had a fabulous, nutritious and nourishing meal.

bkcanvt97vcan9q4lfcaehe43qcayk1wlbcadd60oicazd3grtcask8alicaojpo13caofg4mbca6itmw1cap1cu1hcaz061nucad8tw6rcamcln2icaxgon4wca9qeqrmcajfvjanca4tyl1wcato3803It’s interesting when I go out for meals and look at the quantity and quality of food available to the non vegetarians and usually feel disappointed when my dish comes out. It usually has a lack of imagination, taste, quality and more often than not, I am left unsatisfied. Demuths proved me wrong in every case. Not only me, but all three of us had a great experience. They use a huge array of fresh herbs, leaves, pulses and vegetables – more than I have ever seen in any restaurant before, that are organically grown. The dressings on the salads were scrumcious. We also had some organic drinks that were delicious.

I’m not a fussy eater – I will eat anything, but I enjoyed this meal from the bottom of my heart. So well done Rachel Demuth – you have done a great job and you certainly satisfied my pallet that day!

Also on a more serious note, if we all add some of this into our diets, we won’t get sick so often, our bodies get stronger, our immune systems do what they are supposed to and repel disease and germs, our skin , hair and nails look great and we feel fabulous.

Rachel has some great recipies and had published a few cookbooks – worth looking into. And it goes without saying, if you are ever in Bath, pop in.



Comments on: "I discovered a fab vegetarian restaurant in Bath at the weekend" (3)

  1. Rachel Demuth said:

    Great to have POSITIVE feedback, Helen Lawrence our head chef is passionate about fresh organic local herbs, wild herbs and vegetables sourced from the hills around Bath. We all at demuths strive to make the restaurant not just vegetarian and vegan friendly but appeal to everyone who loves freshly cooked colourful food made with love!

  2. Fedwa Tahri said:

    What a fab article and excellent research on the restaurant

  3. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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