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We all go down when a cold or the flu hits us. So here are a few natural remedies that can help. If you are susceptible to a cold or flu, print this off and keep it in a safe place, ready for you to act on when you get hit.

A cup of Honey, Lemon and Ginger – by my Mum.

Add a big spoon of honey into the cup, add the juice of half a fresh lemon and grate a big lump of ginger. Squeeze the juice out and add it to the cup. Boil some water and fill up the cup. Give it a good stir and drink it once it has cooled a bit. Do this 3 or four times a day. The ingredients will destroy the germs and sooth you. (I would never take this in packet form. Its doesn’t take much of an effort to make this and I know what I have put into it. )

If it’s too bitter, add a bit more honey.

Olbas Oil

I swear buy this stuff and it’s 100% natural. This is what they say about the ingredients on their website –

We can’t take all the credit for Olbas – it was mother nature’s idea (as lots of the best ideas are). Olbas is a special mixture of pure plant oils, with ingredients including clove oil, eucalyptus, juniper berry and cajuput. It’s the combination of these natural ingredients which releases those famously soothing and relieving vapours. It’s the power of nature, you could say.

lg_olbas_oil1You can either put a few drops on a tissue and inhale it or add a few drops into a large bowl of boiling water, out a towel over your head and inhale the vapour. Its hard but if you can do it, it will make you better. It clears up your nasal passage and relieves the pain.

Sore Throat

To alleviate a sore throat, gargle with warm salt water. Do it as much as you can. It will not harm you but it will sooth you.

 Vitamin C

Long proven to aid in a cold or flu situation. Either eat lots of oranges and kiwis, or liquidise them and drink the juice. If juiced, drink it immediately as the more it interacts with air, the more it looses it’s potency.


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