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I have just discovered this organisation. They host what look like great events that don’t cost loads of money. Unfortunatly for me, they are all in the North of England so a bit far for me, but certainly worth a look if you are in these areas – York, Sheffield, Manchester, Southport, Harrogate, Nottinghamhire or Lincoln.  Their website has lots of great info on their facilities, courses and events.

The BSSK’s founder Vanessa Edwards wrote this beautiful Prayer for World Peace:


We ask that the time of world peace is now

Each person surrender to their higher selves and gain a new inner peace and serenity

Leave behind the residual conditioning and emotions of the past and cultivate a new level of understanding, forgiveness and compassion

Enabling the world’s population to live together in acceptance of each person’s individuality, diversity and beliefs

Embracing a new level of stability, security, world peace, plenty for everyone, harmony and unity

As each person moves forward on this level of unconditional love, may they shine and become empowered as they recognise their individual strengths, gifts and talents, and accelerate their own learning, experience, knowledge and wisdom

Let us understand how all of this can effect a new foundation and benefit the highest good of mankind and humanity

May each person make a difference in our World and from this life experience move forward with understanding and enlightenment

As this prayer is said with the highest levels of love, sincerity and integrity

In Love, and Light and Healing

So be it, so it is

You just know when someone has written such beautiful words that their work is worth looking into in further detail. For further reading via their site – BSSK


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