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In my culture, we have a great emphasis on serving/looking after your parents. We call this Seva. Parents are very much part of the family until the day they die. They often pass their life teachings down the generations – which some are great and some are not so great – but at least I have the choice to choose which ones I want to take on board!!I see my Mum once a week as all of my Sisters do. We all go over to see each other and ensure her household affairs are in order and do anything around the house that needs doing.

It is a nice feeling to give something back to her. Especially as she did everything for us and there were five of us kids. I cant imagine managing five children so I have some admiration for her for that. She managed the house, did all of the food shopping without a car, looked after us and made sure there was a freshly cooked meal for 7 people on the table everyday. I’m proud of her, she did very well with very little resources.

My Mum is now in her mid sixties and has a problem with her feet. Her nerves really hurt her and they often seize up or stiffen. So as often as I can, I warm up some oil and give her feet a good massage. Sometimes she screams as she is in so much pain when they are touched. But I have the knack of taking her pain out. She gives me lots of blessings after when all of the pain is out and she feels much relief. It’s a small thing that I can do for her. After all, she did so much for me.

Anyway, I love massage. I think it is the best thing ever and its simple yet so effective. It’s my treat to myself to have a regular massage, to de-stress myself and leave me replenished.

Do let your Masseuse know if they have done a good job or not though. I had a few massages that I paid a lot of money for where I didn’t feel very much difference afterwards. I now give feedback at the beginning so that I can switch of and then relax. If it needs to be done softer or harder, I tell them.

The best massage I ever had was a proper Chinese Massage in Dubai. I had a very petite but immensely strong Chinese lady using every part of her body to straighten and realign every part of my body – it was amazing. At one point, she was sliding up and down my back on her shins! I felt like a new person afterwards. Everything had been clicked into its regular place and my body was happy.

I personally think it’s a really nice thing to do for someone – whether it’s your partner, your kids, your parents, your friends..anyone.  There is an abundance of information on the Internet. There are also some good video’s on www.youtube.com that show you different techniques. It’s great how you can learn to use all the different parts of your body to massage, not just your hands.

And don’t forget about you – I often give my legs, arms, head, lower back, neck etc a massage.

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