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I was removing my nail polish just now, whilst breathing in the nasty fumes that come out of the remover, when I took a moment to think about the chemicals we take in. Just to name a few….

  • There are those from car fumes or the ones we get whilst pouring petrol into our cars or just driving/walking around
  • Household cleaners (oven cleaner is the worst I think!) like surface cleaners, floor cleaners, furniture polish, window cleaners and bleach based cleaners – all of which have a nasty niff about them no matter how their manufacturers try and cover them up with scents. Pollution Issues have created some excellent work on this.
  • The chemicals that are left on the dishes of those households who don’t rinse their dishes with fresh water to completely get the washing up liquid off – imagine over the years how many chemicals from that you take into your body

Yes it is partly the responsibility of the manufacturers of these but it is also ours because we use these products. So be careful when handling these. Ensure you wear protective clothes/gloves/eyewear/mask to minimise the amount you intake. I have a very early memory of my Mum where she would do the washing by hand for all 7 of us in the family. The skin on her hands started to split and would bleed. It was really painful for her and it took years for it all to heal. That was the chemicals that did that. Our skin is not made to absorb such chemicals.

Where you can, buy ecologically safe products like the Ecover range. If you add ecological cleaning products into any search engine, you will fine more and more companies that are providing an alternative.

I read in a book many years ago that Vinegar is a great natural cleaner. So I did a bit of digging and found a great website that lists all of Vinegar’s benefits and tells you exactly where and how you can use it. You can pretty much clean the whole house with it. And it costs a small fraction of what household cleaners do.  

If you think about this on a very basic level, we take in way too many chemicals. These have been linked many times to various diseases, cancer being a big one. So read up, get aware and make the changes to limit your chemical intake. Pass this on to your kids, educate them too.

You know when the smell is a dangerous one – your body will react adversely. Your body will tell you what is harmful. Your sense of smell is a wonderful tool.

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