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The only time I have ever made a change is when I am so fed up, so frustrated and so tired of the problem that I can no longer bear it. (I am more reactive. I wish I was proactive but with this, I’m not. My Sister is much more proactive. The second she gets a whiff of a problem, she resolves it immediately. I tend to take the long way round!)

So when whatever is bothering me it going round and round in my head and it has got to the point where something has to give, this is the best time, in my opinion, to make a change. This time is fuelled with energy that you can either use to get more frustrated/wallow in self pity, or you can use it as a catalyst to make that change.

For it’s when you cannot go on that you understand that change needs to come in and take over. Take a look at the Dont Quit Poem in an earlier post.

In my experience, I don’t make that change unless I’m at the end of my tether. I have to be at that really upset/angry stage to open the door and go in to the solution of my problem. I think I am a bit reluctant to change and a bit stubborn which is why I go about it in this way. But the important thing is that I get there in the end.

There is a logical explanation to this to all of this – if you don’t learn the lessons in life you are here to learn, they come back bigger and bigger until you get the point, are able to learn what you needed to and move on to the next lesson. The day I accepted this was the day it all made a bit more sense. Sue told me this.

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