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The Eden Project

Firstly, a big thank you for dedicating your work to such a great cause. Well done for wanting to make a difference.

Secondly, I would like to make an appeal to all of you – please can you try in every way possible to make your products and services available to the mainstream – not just those with lots of money. I personally could not afford many health and wellbeing things purely due to the prices. That meant that I could not enhance myself and grow because I didn’t have the money. I couldn’t afford a £40 massage or half of the therapies I have been fortunate enough to experience for many years. I couldn’t afford to go out and spend £20 on a natural cream for my skin problems for example. It wasn’t going to happen.

I am so disappointed when I go to exhibitions and see stalls with such great ideas at such high costs. For example, meditation CD’s at £12 for one……the cost of creating these is so low. I cannot understand this. Sell them at £4 so that anyone and everyone can benefit from achieving calmness of the mind. Not just those who are well off. Think of how many you would sell at £4!

When I went through The Journey, I had to find a Journey Practitioner who had passed the course and was fully certified. I was astonished at how much it cost. Some people charged well over £300. I was a student, at the end of my tether with the life I had. I could not afford that at that time. I researched and found the wonderful Gopi Gill who charged £150. I just about pulled together the £150 I needed and had my therapy. It changed my life and set a new precedence from that day onwards. I solved my issues and was able to move on. Now I recommend her to anyone and everyone. I could not have been able to do that at £300 a go. No way. Do you see?

Also, natural lotion and potion producers/retailers/manufacturers should try harder to make their prices comparable to the regular products so that we as consumers have a real choice. So if I want a natural shampoo, it should be around the same cost as a regular shampoo or maybe a bit higher but certainly not double the price.

Solution – analyse your 4 P’s. Price/Place/Product/Promotion.

Learn to source your raw materials from places like Asia where they are so much cheaper. They are pure producers and you will save lots and you don’t have to compromise on quality if you do your research. If import/export costs are high, go over when flights are at their lowest prices and fill your suitcases up with what you need. Those countries will also benefit from your trade – so you spread the benefit of your work even further. For example, if you make soaps, get your oils from India, import them to the UK and create your products here. Really analyse everything from production to supply chain management. Keep researching to find your solution. Every so often, dedicate some time to researching how you can reduce your costs thus making your products and services cheaper.

Find sustainable partners and pass the sustainability on….let it come through the supply chain so that your audience really reaps the benefits.

In the days of the internet where you can get anything, nothing is impossible. Please share; reach a wider audience. Help more people to benefit from the good stuff. Make this world a better place. Take responsibility and push towards this. I urge you.

Promote your products and services to an audience who can really benefit– ie regions where there are records of lower socio economic groups, areas where unemployment is high, poverished regions etc.  

As I say in the About section of Auranics, these things should be available to everyone, not just those who already have everything money can buy.

So work hard to find cheaper suppliers, continue to find methods of production that reduce your costs, push forward to make your costs cheaper and pass these savings on to your audience.

Every product or service promoted on Auranics has been reviewed for it’s price. I will never recommend something that I believe to be high in price…no matter how good it is.

Finally, look inside yourself in an honest manor and ask yourself – do I really need this profit margin? If you do lower it a bit a pass the savings on, you can make a difference to more people. How fabulous is that?  

(This post was not written to offend/blame/point the finger at anyone – it is an appeal. It has no malicious intention. It has been written from my heart.)

The Eden Project


Comments on: "An Appeal To All Of You Who Create Products & Services For The Health & Wellbeing Market….." (1)

  1. hectorsfarm said:

    What a wonderful approach to take and one I would hope people feel influenced by. There are too many people and organisations who have contradicting views on their approach to life, wanting to offer wonderful products and services to help people and make their lives so much more enjoyable but also looking to make more money than they probably need to from it all.

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