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I went to The Eden Project during my trip to Cornwall last week. It was a very educational day out. I learned so much about nature. You get to see hundreds of plants and flowers and exhibitions. There is something for everyone. I would recommend it to anyone. Also they have a promotion on at the moment – if you go, you get a free Annual Pass so you can go again and again at no additional cost.

For all of you great Teachers out there, this is definitely a trip for the kids. It reminded me of so many things I had learned at school.  

I’d love to hear from anyone who has been. What did you think?


Comments on: "Have you heard of The Eden Project?" (1)

  1. I went to the Eden Project last year to see Bill Bailey (comedian) but during the day I looked around the huge place.
    It was brilliant, I particularly liked the vegetable gardens (but that is my thing) and I will now never forget the unpleasant smell of a curry plant. I also loved the huge sculptures of a bee, waste monster and the metal mowing man and the humid tropical dome. Its not like I’m ever going to experience that in real life with my fear of midges.
    The plants and exhibits were great. I’d recommend it to anyone and Cornwall is such a lovely place to explore as well.

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