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MMMM……Chilly Billy

Bensons Logo

Another thing I discovered from my trip to Cornwall was a Chilly Billy Ice Lolly made by a company called Bensons. They produce juices and other products made from Simply Pressed Fruit.  


Chilly Billy is a 100% natural, locally produced product, available in 4 deliciously enticing flavours:

  • Apple & Strawberry
  • Apple & Blackcurrent
  • Apple & Mango
  • Apple & Rasberry

What a fabulous idea – to produce ice lollies from fresh pressed fruit. I usually read what is in the ingredients section of products and I was very pleased with this one. I had an Apple & Strawberry one and the 2 ingredients in it were Apples and Strawberries…..great. No preservatives, no colouring – natural or artificial, no other nasties…just pure fruit juice extracted in a natural, none harmful way.

You can buy them directly from their website – which is also a good read!

They are pushing forward in making their products a bit more mainstream. They are available in every Nando’s in the UK. (To my good friends Mr & Mrs Simpson…the Nando’s addicts!!! You will love these x)


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