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Give Blood - do something amazingMy parents share very different views on donating blood, organs and other human body parts. My Dad was very much for it. The day after he died, we went to see his body at the funeral directors. He had a long incision on his chest. They told us that he had carried a donor card so they took out his heart and used it. I felt proud of him for doing that.

Carry a Donor Card or Register with your GP

My Mum on the other hand is very much against it. She believes that God controls everything and therefore, if someones time is up, you shouldn’t use other people’s body parts to make them better, you should let them go.  I think if God controls everything, as I also believe, we would not have the technology to do this if he didn’t consent to it. My Mum doesn’t see or want to see this point. It is something we really disagree about. But we agree to disagree.

Having weighed up both arguments, I am very much for donating. I Give Blood regularly and I am a Registered Donor. I am also on the Bone Marrow Donor List – especially being Indian, something that is very much in demand. In addition, many years ago, I donated my eggs to a couple who were having problems conceiving. Nothing came of it unfortunatly.

So I do what I can whilst I am alive and when I die, they can use any part of me. I am happy with that.

If this is something you are interested in, don’t procrastinate….read up and get on board. If it doesn’t sit well with you, that’s cool too. (“,) No pressure, it has to feel right for you.


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