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Call me a cynic but I’m just not convinced that we need 2 litres of water a day.

We take in lots of water through our diets. Look at these fruits and vegetables and how much water content they have:

  • Apples 86.9%
  • Beetroot 83.8%
  • Cabbage 90.2%
  • Carrots 86%
  • Cucumber 96.4%
  • Garlic 62.8%
  • Ginger 80.9%
  • Grapes 85.5%
  • Guava 76.1%
  • Lemon 85%
  • Melon 95.6%
  • Onions 86.8%
  • Oranges 87.8%
  • Papaya 89.6%
  • Pineapple 86.5%
  • Pomegranate 78%
  • Potatoes 74.7%
  • Pumpkin 92.6%
  • Tomatoes 94.3%
  • Watermelon 95.7%
  • Coriander 87.9%
  • Spinach 91.7%
  • Mint 83%
  • Fenugreek 81.8%

BookAll stats have been taken from the great book Juice-Diet for Perfect Healthby Dr R Gala, Dr Dhiren Gala and Dr Sanjay Gala.


If we eat properly and hold a balanced diet with lots of fresh produce, we don’t need so much water. Drink when you are thirsty. Your body is fabulous at telling you what it wants and when. We should all listen to it more. The solutions are all inside you.

I think the famous bottled water companies say this to make us buy more. We really shouldn’t need to pay for water anyway – but that’s a whole different argument for another day!

Prior to more recent times, no one was told they needed to drink loads of water and they were ok. There was no problem of dehydration.  

There are also the recent fatalities that have happened due to drinking too much water and flooding your system.

Take a look at what Dr Ben Kim has to say on it. He makes some very valid points:

  1. Ingesting more water than you need can increase your total blood volume. And since your blood volume exists within a closed system – your blood circulatory system – needlessly increasing your blood volume on a regular basis puts unnecessary burden on your heart and blood vessels.
  2. Your kidneys must work overtime to filter excess water out of your blood circulatory system. Your kidneys are notthe equivalent of a pair of plumbing pipes whereby the more water you flush through your kidneys, the cleaner they become; rather, the filtration system that exists in your kidneys is composed in part by a series of specialized capillary beds called glomeruli. Your glomeruli can get damaged by unnecessary wear and tear over time, and drowning your system with large amounts of water is one of many potential causes of said damage.

So just be careful. Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs, whether that is food, energy, sleep or rest.


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