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I never could have tough that this kind of thing existed but when you think about it…why not? Symbolism has been recognised for years as a healer and energy raiser. Why not add it to bed linen.

Ni-Ma is a German company who produce bed linen with symbols designs that offer the sleeper an undisturbed rest on the fine material level. Especialy the so-called New Children as well as people who are sensitive to subtle energies who will soon appreciate the benefits of the bed linen.  (Taken from a leaflet produced by Ni-Ma.) Do take a look at their website as it explains so much more and in further detail.

Not really knowing what to expect, I had a long chat with Nicole, whose idea this was and Matthias, the MD. Once I knew the concept, I sat down in a chair and held a pillow dressed with one of the Ni-Ma cases over it. I was asked to repeat a sentence given to me three times and then just relax. About 30 seconds later, I could feel the energy coming through. It was warm and comforting.

A very good idea I thought. For anyone who is interested in learning more, please send an email to info@ni-ma.de or call them on +49 (0) 511 80 77 121.

They produce four designs at the moment although Nicole told me there are more on the way.


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