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Of course you can. I remember when I used to stay with my Grandparents when I was younger, that they would each massage themselves. My Grandpa had pain in his legs and arms so he would heat up some Almond or Mustard oil and give himself a massage. My Grandma would do the same but more with her legs and head. This was something they did every night to ease the pain in turn for a good night’s sleep.

My Grandma would also massage my neck at times when I had a sore throat or cough. She had a wonderful technique using her thumbs to apply pressure but not too hard.

I sometimes massage my neck, head, fingers, feet or any other part that is feeling a bit sore. I usually feel instant relief.

Here are a few clips to get you on your way – these are really good ones:

Neck Massage by Angela Joyce, Fitness Instructor

This is a clip from Tarni showing a Destress Face and Head Massage

This is Debalzar Massaging the Arms & Hands. Take note of how he uses his body to support the parts he is massaging.

There are plently more examples on You Tube.

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