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Why is it that when there are atrocities/plane crashes/natural disasters etc that we are always told by our news teams how many people died in terms of their nationality? Ie “of those who died, there were 5 British people, 6 Danes and 2 Americans.”

Who cares what nationality they were. The point is that people died. It doesn’t matter what colour or creed they were.

At a soul level, we are all the same. On a human level, we breathe the same. If you cut any of us, we bleed the same.

I believe this creates further divisions between us. In these situations, we should mourn our losses as a whole not as some people do through how many of “theirs” they lost.

We should unite as humans not segregate ourselves.

I am an equalitarian. We are all the same, at the same level. The only one who is superior is God/Higher Power. No man or woman on earth is more superior to any other. I also believe that titles are a bad thing. They create connotations and preconceptions and distance us from total equality.

Ok, I’ve realised I’m ranting. Hopefully you get my point on this. I’m ranting because I feel strongly about this!


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  1. Funnily enough this has also made headlines with the recent devastating Air France crash.

    There were also 3 Moroccans on board, which failed to make western news, but to reiterate we are all on the same level by being human.
    You remember the phrase that was used at Bupa “We are amazing”

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