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Gurmukh K Khalsa is a fantastic Kundalini Yoga Teacher based in the US where she owns and runs The Golden Bridge – A Spiritual Village. She had an awful experience with her pregnancy years ago so has dedicated lots of energy and time on pregnant women (as well as the health in general – I am just speaking about this particular part but she covers lots in general wellbeing.)

Her message is to be empowered and be in control during and after your pregnancy.

I have personally always thought that women should give birth on all fours like many animals do in the animal kingdom as that is where your strength is. When you are lying down on your back, you have no strength. I don’t have any children yet so I guess I can’t really comment.

Take a look at Gurmukh’s website. There are pregnancy books and DVD’s available. If you are lucky enough to be near on of her centres, go and take up some classes.

She also does a weekly message on her site which is great and always full of positive messages and information.


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