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I am staying in my childhood home because my Mum has pulled her sciatic nerve. She is in loads of pain and I have come over to stay and look after her. We have been talking lots about all sorts of things.

One thing she said was that she doesn’t like the house I live in. It’s too simple. She said “how could you leave this beautiful home with large rooms and this that is nicely decorated for where you live?”  (This originates from the point that in my Mum’s opinion, Indian girls should not leave the family home until they are married. My three sisters didn’t so I shouldn’t. She says these things all the time to hope that I will come back but I cannot. I cannot live my life in a box where I am trying to get out. It’s not me. I need to be free. I have explained this to her but I don’t think she get’s it.)

Anyway, before, that would have wound me up or I would have got upset.

But this time, I said to her “Mum, I don’t care for niceness and beauty. I need food and a roof and everything else is a luxury. When I die and am cremated into dust, all of this will be left behind. I am here to achieve my goals on this Earth and then go to my real home. That is my sanctuary. This is my learning place.”

I was a bit surprised that I had said this. I realised that I have matured a bit and moved up a bit further on my spiritual ladder. This was my wonderful realisation.

Materialism is a bit further down the agenda than it used to be. I have not totally given it up. For example, I love my Audi Cabriolet – don’t get too excited, it’s 12 years old! I wanted an Audi for about 15 years and anyone who knows me will tell you that I just love the engineering, aesthetics and just about everything about these cars. Earlier this year, I had a spiritually cleansing experience and a part of me debated whether or not I needed to give up my car and nice clothes and face a life of pure simplicity. I seriously considered it. But I am not ready to let go just yet. Maybe one day I will. I know full well it is just a piece of metal and if I have an accident or it gets stolen, it has gone. But whilst I have it, I really enjoy it. It brings me lots of happiness. Is that so wrong?

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  1. You have so matured and changed your priorities so much in the last 12 months. A given priority that may feature in your top 5 now may not have even been considered a year ago.

    Your audi is special to you. You look after this car as a friend. That is why I love this car so much, it plays such an impact in your day to day life and has given you happiness.
    You worry about it when something goes wrong, yet you have been to so many cities in the UK, just the 2 of you.
    You both complement each other and after changing many of your ideals (very big changes), your car is something that cannot be changed or given up yet. There is so much more enjoyment yet to come

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