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Self Sufficiency….

Mint from Mum's gardenI am still staying at my Mums. She has a nice big garden with a vegetable and herb patch – she’s fond of growing these and flowers. When we first moved into this house 28 odd years ago, my Grandpa bought us an Apple Tree, a Pear Tree and a Plum Tree as a housewarming gift. As we grew, we watched the trees grow and bare fruit. It was the most wonderful gift anyone could have given us.

Fenugreek in there somewhere!Anyway, back to the garden, my Mum grows spinach, spring onions, mint, fenugreek, cherries, apples, pears and garlic. She even has a grape vine which is very long!

Yesterday, I went into the garden and picked some mint, spinach, fenugreek and spring onions. Chopped it all up, added some gram flour and normal wholemeal flour and spices, made a dough and turned that into lovely savory chapattis – like pancakes. We had them with yogurt. They were scrumptious. I was amazed that half of these ingredients came from the garden. there was something wonderful about this. Fresh green leaves not sprayed with anything. Just encompassing goodness naturally as they should be.

I long to be as self sufficient as possible. I want to grow my own fruit and veg. I want to be less reliant on the energy companies and cook more with a woodburn oven and use solar power panels for heating. I don’t want to be a customer for these big companies to rip me off with their gas and electricity. My ideal life would be to be totally self sufficient and self reliant. I am working towards this dream. I’ll let you know when I’m there (”,)

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  1. Sounds like you are more than halfway there

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