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One of my Mum’s friends told me to have one. I have a section of skin on my shins that is quite dry. I have tried many oils and creams and it has never got better. It doesn’t do anything, it just looks cracked. So this friend said you have heat under your skin. Start washing with cold water. You will get used to it and it will solve your skin problem.

So the first time was a bit hard. I went to warn to colder slowly. By the end, I thought – ok that wasnt too bad. And so slowly I have got used to it. It’s really quite refreshing – especially in this weather. It’s a nice feeling to have cold drops falling on your head. Go on…I dare you to try it. Ease yourself in slowly. You might even like it!!!

I have not noticed a difference in my skin yet but I have only been doing it for days. I would have thought it will take a while to sort out. I’ll keep you posted.


Comments on: "Could you take a cold shower?" (1)

  1. Shalomo said:

    I have been taking a cold shower after work every day since you suggested this to me last week, thanks it feels wonderful and i feel it makes my skin feel tighter.

    I then put oil on my body and relax in front of a fan, feels great in the heat.

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