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Survival or nonesense?

About 10 years ago, I had the realisation that my left hand is totally useless, as is the left side of my body. I am right handed and do everything with that. When I vacuum or do any work, I tend to use my right side. I noticed that I have strengthened my right but really neglected my left. I wanted to make it more even. Also if something were to happen to my right hand or side, I would be useless.

So I started writing the alphabet with my left hand in pencil – to make it easier. I also clench my left hand now and again to strengthen the muscles. I am more conscious of it. My Sister is really good. She has specific purposes for her left hand like all chopping of food is done with that. Household chores are done with her left. So she is better than me in that respect. I try to do some chores with my left but get frustrated with the lack of power and eventually revert back to using the right. I need to try harder at this.

A good thing to do is test the opposite side that you are used to and you will soon see how functional it is. If it needs evening out, recognise this and put actions into place.

Also when I swim, I have taken time to train my body to be able to sim with either just on arm or one leg or just the arms or just the legs. Maybe my fate will explain this to me at a later stage in life. I have felt compelled to do this. Time will tell!

Our bodies are beautiful machine like beings. We should make every effort to look after them. They serve us after all.

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