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This is yet another great piece by Mike George.

Is there anything in your life you are passionate about? What is your passion? Are you sure it’s real passion? Passion is another of those concepts whose meaning has become grey at best, totally blurred at worst.

Most of us will learn to think passion is good. Some of us will come to believe that if you have no passion you have no life, and you might as well be dead. Others exhort us to find our passion in life and then to pursue that passion with a …passion! And there are an increasing number who advise us to fill absolutely everything we do with ‘a passion’ if we want to be successful. Few go on to say exactly what they mean by passion, and so the word passion tends to be loosely and vaguely mixed with a variety of concepts including love, anger, suffering, attachment and enthusiasm. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE…..

All you need to do to get this FREE and lovely information is to go to Mike’s website and sign up for his newsletter.

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