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www.robinsharma.comI do like Robin Sharma. I have one of his books (The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari) that I need to finish. Anyway, he is an expert in leadership and motivation and I wanted to share this with you – I got it from his website which subsequently has some great information on it.

In fairness anyone could apply these simple tasks, whether you are a hot shot career person or not.


1. Begin every week with a clear plan of action. Begin every day with a clear plan of action.

2. Exercise first thing in the morning. This jump starts your metabolic rate leading to higher energy levels. It also pours endorphins into your system so you feel good through your day.

3. Do a Nightly Debrief where you focus on 5 good things that happened during your day as well as record goals for the next one.

4. Read something inspirational and innovative every single day. The best leaders have big libraries.

5. Spend time around art. Art stokes your creative fire and elevates your spirit-helping you play at your best at work.

Again with lots of these things that I suggest, you can go onto Robin’s website and sign up for his newsletter. It is a bit commercial but the information also comes through.


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