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www.flickr.com Has anyone tried this stuff…Ebly? Its so tasty and nutritious. Take a look at their website for exact information on how it provides you with A full Dose of Energy, Proteins, Dietary Fibres, Vitamins and Mineral Salts.

It’s cooked the same as rice and really versatile. I like to put it into salads or have it with roasted vegetables and herbs. But it’s great with anything. You can have it hot or cold. They have some good recipes on their site.

It’s also very economical. A box will cost you a few pounds and it will last you for ages. Oh and it really is delicious when seasoned well.

I personally am a big fan of grains. They are very good for you and easy on the pocket. My Mum brought us up on beans and lentils and all sorts of other grains. Touch wood, I’ve not really had any stomach problems and I think that’s due to the grains. They strengthen your stomach and keep your digestive system in good shape.



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