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Rich – redefined………..

I used to think richness was quantified in monetary terms until I went to India a few years ago. I met many people who had no or very little money who would share anything they had with you. I saw families who brought out their best china to serve you tea and give you beautifully presented biscuits that they only use for guests. I met kids who lived in the villages of some of the remotest parts of Punjab and especially Himachal Pradesh. They were wonderfully innocent but always with the biggest smiles on their faces and an eagerness to talk to a stranger.

Walking around, it was always nice to see people – it helped me realise that although these people have very little in comparison to us, they seem more content, happy and therefor in my opinion lead a richer life.  They dont have a life of hassel like we do. They lead simple lives, that are uncluttered. I therefore reached the conclusion that richness for me is defined by your inner contentness and not your external assets or possesions.


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