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Releasing Endorphins…………..

Our wonderful bodies have a great way of naturally making us happy – chemicals released in the back of our heads called endorphins.  

This is why when many people over the world pray, bowing their heads is included at some point. I am a Sikh and when we go to the Temple to worship, the first thing we do is bow our heads down to God. It is done in Islam and Hinduism too. I would be interested to learn of any other religions who also do this.

Yoga is also great because you bow many times and can release lots in one go. I had this realisation because I did some Sun Solutes this morning and felt exceptionally great today. I wondered what was different today. Then the penny dropped!

Try it. Get on your knees and bow down and get up about 10 times a day. See how you feel.

Have you heard of Sunscreen?

I hadn’t until my friend Wagner showed it to me today. As soon as I got past the first few minutes of confusion, I loved it. For straight no nonsense advice, watch the clip below…

Self Empowerment by David Childerley….

My good friend Asare sent me this clip to view. I loved it. David is an amazing person with great perspective and he’s very logical. I have visited his website and signed up for newsletters and videoclips. I’ll keep you posted.

This clip is one of a whole series so it is worth doing a bit of digging and seeing what David has to say. I agreed with everything he says in this clip.

Something Better Around The Corner…….

Whenever I have tried to get something and it has not come through, I have tended to get frustrated. Dream job, car, flat etc. So now I have come to thinking that there is a reason for everything and looking back, more often than not, there has been a reason why that thing didn’t come to me. I have usually had a better alternative come through instead.

Hindsight is a truly wonderful thing.

The Planets by Gustav Holst…………

I remember being introduced to The Planets by Gustav Holst during my Music lessons at school. I was wowed back then by such beautiful and diverse pieces of music. I loved Mars for it’s fire and passion and I loved Jupiter for its calmness and sense of new beginnings that I felt from it.

I had totally forgotten about this until a while ago so I decided to look them up and put a few on Auranics. I like to close my eyes and let my mind listen and wander to these. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

One thing I love to do is play music and ask my friends or family what feeling they got – it makes a very interesting conversation as different people feel different things.

So here they are:




The rest are available on YouTube. Enjoy!

Something I like to to as often as I can…..

This is something I have picked up from my Indian upbringing, mainly from my Mum. My Mum is a person who has been through lots of bad times in her life but she has never forgotten her faith and it is her faith that has pulled her through over the years. She does this on a daily basis.

And that is to once a day, thank the Universe. So my Mum will thank the various elements by joining her hands and bowing her head – for example to the Sun whilst saying thank you Sun for coming out today. Thank you for the rays you are providing us. Thank you to the natural flows of water that nourish out environment and give us water to drink. Thank you to the trees for giving us oxygen and being so beautiful to look at.

Whilst we are on the subject of trees, I have never met anyone who loves plants and trees as much as my Mum. At times there have been more plants in our house than furniture. She see’s God’s beauty in every plant and tree. The more vivacious they are, the more she loves them. She can talk for England about it. She comments on how God created Evergreens so that we have colour in the Winter too. Then she will say how thoughtful and wonderful can God be if He provided us with such beauty in nature. I admire her way of thinking.

So when I am driving to or from work, I do the same. It brings me much joy to do this. I think it is as simple as just putting some positive energy out there and it makes me peaceful and grateful to be alive. I personally love the Moon and Stars. I am lucky where I live because you have a beautiful and huge sky at night. I try to do this as often as I can because it is one thing that makes me happy.

For those of you who do Yoga, you will know that this is common practice. you have postures as the Sun Salute, Moon Salute etc. This is the same concept and is spiritually nourishing. It pulls you out of your closed zone and makes you feel part of something big and wonderful – that we are all a part of.

A Beautiful Presentation called WISE WORDS…..

My Aunt Sent me this. It’s a really nice piece of work with wonderful words, pictures and music.

The slide I loved the most said – MUCH OF YOUR GROWTH AS A PERSON WILL COME THROUGH HARDSHIPS AND CHALLENGES. EMBRACE THOSE AND KNOW YOU WILL BE BETTER,  STRONGER AND WISER BECAUSE OF THEM. That put it all into perspective for me and made me relax my shoulders a bit.


Wise Words

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