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UK Snow…………….

Being in the UK at the moment, we are totally snowed under. Many of us have not been able to get to work or even out of the house for several days now. I live in a remote village which has proven to be impossible to leave.

This got me thinking that this is not such a bad thing. It means families can spend quality time together and get to do the things they never get the time to do. For example, I baked some bread yesterday – ok so it didn’t turn out as great as I wanted but as a first effort, it wasnt so bad. I have been reading and making some choices about my life and where I am. I have also been resting and just relaxing quite a bit.

There are loads of people playing in the snow with snowboards, ski’s and just about anything they can get their hands on that will do the job.  

I have also seen a good sense of  human compassion – people helping others at the roadside  who are stuck, neighbours asking if everyone is ok and if the need anything etc. This is always nice to see.

So I personally am grateful for this situation. Lets use this time well. Be safe.

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