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Thought for the Day……..

As usual from the Brahma Kumaris:

Happiness is a daily decision

And oh boy…………………have I realised this recently. Even people like me fall off track now and again. It’s only when I go back and see how much I have grown and what tools I have gathered along the way, that I realise that I am only human. Just because I am spiritually aware, doesnt mean I wont be touched by hardship and problems. I have re-learned to be happy and kind in these last few months – something I had come to forget as I began to get swallowed up in all of my problems. This is a superficial life – I am here to learn and evolve. I know that now.


Comments on: "Thought for the Day…….." (4)

  1. Howdie! I am so glad that I came to this web site. Very informative article. info. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have made several tweets backlinking to some of the favorite articles that you have posted. Your work actually means a great deal to me, thank you.. Keep up your good work!

  3. auranics said:

    Hi Judith,

    I’m so sorry for the delay – I had not checked my spam for a while!

    Thank you so much for your kind words. This is the motivation I need to know that I am doing a good thing so I appreciate you letting me know.

    All the best for your journey.

    Kind regards,

  4. auranics said:

    Thanks Henry – thats always nice to hear.

    Take care,

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