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Lovely Healing Manuka Honey……

I burned myself on the oven and it hurt! My friend Sue said put some honey on it. So I am sitting here with honey on my finger and the stinging has instantly stopped. Sue talks about the healing properties of honey lots – especially manuka honey. Good stuff.

You Can Heal Your Life…..

I just spent one and a half hours watching Louise Hay’s You can Heal Your Life – The Movie.  Very powerful indeed.

Here is the Trailer.

I have read the book a few times but the movie really resonated with me – I am more of a visual person! I really like Louise’s work.

Life quote…..

Leave worries aside and you will be surprised by the beauty of the sky and the colour of flowers, of the freshness of the breeze and the generosity of the sun. You will feel you are part of creation, and life will start to make sense.

The greatest wealth is to appreciate what we have and what we are.


Thank you to all of you working towards a higher level of conciousness…

To all of you people out there trying to make it better – well done you. It takes courage and determination to be ethical, honest, selfless and generally great!

-those who live in a way that is kind to the environment – or at least do what they can to incorporate eco-living into their world

-those who are genuinely good people who don’t aggravate anyone else in any way

-those who have one or many projects on to help get us to a higher vibration and higher level of consciousness

Thank you for being you because it is people like you who are making things better for all.

I wanted to write this because I have been looking on the social networking sites and just woken up to how much people are doing all over the world. There is such a wide variety of things going on – all for us. So I wanted to say thanks to those of you who are making a difference.

Quote on Relationships….

In order to live in peace, try not to depend on anyone and at the same time try to help others not to depend on you.

Help them to become independent, free and responsible for their lives.

In the same way, ensure you do not cause anyone sorrow, and do not allow others to be a source of hurt for you.

From the Brahma Kumaris – World Spiritual University

Has anyone tried Dead Sea Black Mud Shampoo?

I bought this in Tiger and I like it. I wondered if anyone else had tried it? I like the idea of using sea minerals to cleanse ourselves. My Dad used to say there were many nutrients and minerals in the sea.

Todays Juice was………….

Tomatoes, Carrots, Braeburn Apples, Asian Pears, Conference.  Pears, Kiwi’s, Celery and Broccoli and might I say it was delicious!

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