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I am learning to play the Bansuri off my own back.

When I say I am in the preliminary stages, I really am. I can just about get a note or two out of it! But I will learn it. It warms my soul to hear the sound. I will keep you posted on how I progress.

This is a professional at it!!!

Comments on: "Ronu Majumdar – We are the world" (2)

  1. What a gorgeous sound! I’ve never heard a Bansuri played before…..it’s wonderful!
    Thank you, love Gabrielle

  2. Great isn’t it. I am kind of addicted to it at the moment. It calms my and reaches my soul. There is an abundane of people who play it and I am sure you will have fun in looking! Maybe when i have mastered it, I will send you some clips! Lol! Thanks for your comment.

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