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Hey you…..

If you are reading this you know that you are already very unique.

You are a person who sees things in a way most of the people around you may think is strange; you desire to create a bigger life.

You desire to fulfill that spark in your chest which you have noticed since you were a child.

You know the one… it says “You’re going to be someone who makes a difference!!”

You know there is something out there you have always felt separate from and when you get really quiet you can feel it coming closer…


Happiness Poster..

I found this on a great site called The Happy Self. Some great stuff on there if you have some time.

Just Give….

Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully

90% of self help books…….

I found this on a website called Chop Cow.

Having read a lot of self help/improvements books, I read this and really agree with all of them. There is loads of great advice here so thanks to Chop Chow for putting this together. Number 12 is my fave.

Roughly 90% of Self Help books contain the same advice repeated over and over. Don’t believe me? Stop by your local bookstore sometime and read the Table of Contents of a dozen or so Self Help books. The advice may be worded differently or geared toward a specific target audience (eg. men, women, various enthnic and social groups), but the underlying message is pretty much always the same. Here’s a list of that advice:


You are not a victim. You are 100% responsible for the life you have right now. If you are unhappy, you have the power to change your attitude and actions to begin making your life better. Always remember, whether you think life sucks or you think life is great, either way, you’re right.


Ever notice how some people are able to brush off insults, while others get furious and start throwing punches? Realize that nobody can “make” you feel anything. You are the one that “chooses” to feel good or bad about a particular event or action that occurs.


If you want to be more confident, happy, or positive, then “pretend” that you already are this way. Eventually, after practicing this long enough, you’ll realize that you’re no longer “pretending”.


A purpose is what you enjoy doing that you never get tired of and you will do for the rest of your life. Is your purpose to write screenplays? Is it to help sick people? Write down on index cards a list of purposes and choose the one that speaks to you the most.


List out 5 to 10 goals that you want for your life. Break each goal up into smaller sub-goals and then break those sub-goals into individual tasks and action steps. Every night, plan the next day in advance. Create a daily “to-do list” with those tasks that you need to do to accomplish your goal.


Regret and shame come from dwelling in the past. Worrying and anxiety come from living in the future. True peace of mind comes from living in the present. The more you become aware of being in the present, the more it becomes a part of your daily life.


The power of attraction is a powerful mental tool. The process works by focusing on something that you want while visualizing that you already have it. You then have a heightened level of awareness for recognizing opportunities that occur around you. These opportunities will then assist in bringing what you want into your physical reality.


Your comfort zone (what you feel comfortable doing) is always in a state of either expanding or contracting. The more you get out in the world and do what you feel uncomfortable doing, the less inhibited you become, thereby allowing you to live a richer and fuller life.


Every morning before you start your day, give thanks and appreciation for what you have. It’s only when we are thankful for what we have that life gives us more blessings and abundance to be thankful for.


Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. It’s the reason that children ask their parents for the same thing over and over again, because they know mom and dad will eventually cave in. The same concept works in the real world. If there is something in the world you want, ask for it…or at least ask how to get it.


Find the successful people in your field and ask them for advice. Ask them what they do to be successful, take notes, and then copy them. A lot of people think that the pros don’t want to share. The opposite is actually true. Most successful people are more that willing to share their knowledge if you ask them.


Trolls are people that will try to discourage you from your dreams. Don’t listen to them. Realize that the only reason they are doing it is because by seeing you chase after your dreams, it’s reminding them that they aren’t chasing theirs. Misery loves company.

Gotta Hoop…….

I love this! The background music – Gotta Do by Quentin Harris reminded me of my old happy house music days! Love the lyrics and the tune.Had to look it up and listen to it again. In fact, am listening to it right now!

I also love what the guy does because I did kind of the same recently. I left my corporate office life behind and now I work for myself. (see Soulfully Connected) And I am very happy and chilled in my new space. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Quote on creation….

Found amongst 75 Most Inspirational Kickass Quotes on Life, Love, Happiness, Change & Growth by Tia on her blog Your Life, Your Way – Find it, Own it, Live it.


23 and 1/2 hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

Not only a great illustration but a valid message too –

Find a Quote….

Great site where you can find a quote on many subjects. Enjoy – q.uote.it

Beautiful Mandalas……

I didn’t even know what a Mandala was so I looked it up. Here it is in case you don’t know. They are diagrams for focussing the mind – perhaps for peace or meditation practice.

I found these on a site called Subtlebody Images. Marilyn from the site offers the ones I have uploaded here free to share and these are below in the slide-show. However, there are some great interactive and moving ones (that remind me of a kaleidoscope) that are totally beautiful. I went through lots of these like an excited child with a new toy! Hope you enjoy as much as I did. If you go onto the home page, they are listed on the right under MANDALAS.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From a great site called – Life as a Human…

Life is generally thought of in terms of gain, not loss. Gaining a diploma, a job, a spouse, children, a house, a car or two, and toys is fun and fulfilling. Loss is a negative conception; unhappiness blooms and grows from loss of a job, money, spouse, etc. Without loss however, there is no gain. Lose money and realize it’s better than loss of health. Lose a spouse and know that love can arrive by many roads and be stronger than the first love. Lose a house, a job, a car, and realize that happiness can grow under many roofs, and jobs are there for anyone willing to walk or ride a bike to them. Lose a friend or two, and come to know yourself as your best friend. Lose your heart and faith, and gain a void where new faith, and a new heart can grow.

A teen I once knew well, idealistically pure and clear, saw this before I did. When I was sixteen I knew that a person could lose everything, and still live. Lose a stomach, gain mobility, and see those feet which took you on journeys before now, and can take you on adventures still.

Lots of other great stuff on there with over 70 authors from all walks of life.

To truly find God…..

To truly find God, truth needs to be found independently from the opinions of others. The truth has to be found in our hearts.


Clarity is more than knowing whether you should choose (a) over (b). Clarity happens when you turn your mind within and allow it to be still. In stillness, there’s clarity – you know exactly what it is that you have to do.


Funny this is something I do from time to time – look at my life and wonder who will be at my funeral. What will they say? Who will be there? It’s a good check on myself to ensure I am heading in the right direction and being true to myself. Thanks David – great post.

Live & Learn

Forbes: Mike Myatt – Who Will Be Crying At Your Funeral?

“…I attended a memorial service last week for a 23-year-old man whose life ended far too soon – it was a much different scenario than the one depicted in the opening paragraph above. The service was a true celebration of a remarkable, albeit tragically short life. The deceased was a gifted and accomplished man who spent his short time on this planet investing in others, building into those who needed it the most, and serving those who others often ignored.

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Have you heard of SuperHeavy?

This is a collaboration with A H Rahman, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Mick Jagger and Damian Marley. SuperHeavy Indeed. Some of my favorite artists in one band – great! Their album is fabulous. Some great motivational and inspirational music. Take a look…

I really like this fellow blogger’s work – here is just one example of many great pieces.

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