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Life is generally thought of in terms of gain, not loss. Gaining a diploma, a job, a spouse, children, a house, a car or two, and toys is fun and fulfilling. Loss is a negative conception; unhappiness blooms and grows from loss of a job, money, spouse, etc. Without loss however, there is no gain. Lose money and realize it’s better than loss of health. Lose a spouse and know that love can arrive by many roads and be stronger than the first love. Lose a house, a job, a car, and realize that happiness can grow under many roofs, and jobs are there for anyone willing to walk or ride a bike to them. Lose a friend or two, and come to know yourself as your best friend. Lose your heart and faith, and gain a void where new faith, and a new heart can grow.

A teen I once knew well, idealistically pure and clear, saw this before I did. When I was sixteen I knew that a person could lose everything, and still live. Lose a stomach, gain mobility, and see those feet which took you on journeys before now, and can take you on adventures still.

Lots of other great stuff on there with over 70 authors from all walks of life.


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