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Todays Juice Was…

Tomatoes, Carrots, some Spinach, a small chunk of Ginger, Clementines, Apple and Celery. Simply Delish and really good nutritionally.

Today’s juice was…..

A simple carrot and pear combination. Both have great healing benefits if you fee like doing some research!

Chamomile is good for….

Depression, nervous tension, fatigue and headaches, digestive problems like indigestion and flatulence, skin problems like boils and acne and much more. It is also great mixed with other herbs.

I remember seeing James Wong on TV making Nettle and Camomile tea for Hayfever. James has written many books – one being Grow Your Own Drugs – well worth looking at his site.

Black Pepper is good for….

Digestive problems like constipation, heartburn, stomach ache and flatulence. It is also used for muscular pains.

My Grandfather used to use black pepper oil for aches. My Mum will leave some in her mouth to alleviate her sore gums and clean her oral cavity out.I don’t think I could do this personally though!

There is a lot of further information on the properties of black pepper from some great bloggers and websites including:

Sacred Bliss

Annie’s Remedy

Today’s Juice was….

Carrots, Oranges, Apples and Pears – both Conference and Asian. Very simple. More fruity and absolutely delicious.

Beautiful Oakcakes…………

I bought these from Tesco for …..get ready for it….37p for a packet of 6!

Very tasty, versitile and good for you. They contain no added preservatives or GM ingredients and they are a great source of fibre. 

This may sound horrid to some, but I love them with a banana, marmite and cashew butter – yummy! You can have them sweet or savory.

The ones I had are produced by this small family business NorthStaffs Oatcake Bakers Limited.

Health Benefits of Basil……


Basil is greator relieving respiritory conditions like colds and clogged sinuses, migraine and mental fatigue, constipation, insect bites and nervous tention. Not to be used by people with sensitive skin.

There are many ways of using Basil – both raw and cooked. Add Basil Recipies into any searcg engine and start looking.

To Grow your Own, check this link out – lots more interesting information on here.

Nature has provided us with lots of cures that are natural so I will start sharingsome of these with you. You can always research yourself once you have an ailment and see if there is a natural alternative to bring you back to your beautiful self.

Lovely Healing Manuka Honey……

I burned myself on the oven and it hurt! My friend Sue said put some honey on it. So I am sitting here with honey on my finger and the stinging has instantly stopped. Sue talks about the healing properties of honey lots – especially manuka honey. Good stuff.

Trying to be Vegan………….

My Friend and I Sue are trying to be healthier. We are both vegetarians already. Being an avid food lover, I had always thought being a vegan would mean life would be miserable but I have been proved wrong. There are an abundance of websites, blogs and social networking posts dedicated to veganism including some fabulous recipes. This is something we could really get into. Its like a new adventure!

We have also looked into raw food after being inspired by hearing about so many people who looked and felt great after the switch. I think this is a little way off for us as we need to take it one step at a time. 

We have been ensuring we have a raw juice at least 4 times a week. Today’s juice was Pear, apple, parsley, celery, cabbage and carrot. It was delicious. In fact whilst I am writing this, I think I will include posts on what the juice of the day was to share the goodness!

Do You Really Taste Your Food When You Eat Or Is It All Over Before You Know It?

I had noticed that when I used to eat, I was always doing something else like watching TV or reading. I would spend time and effort creating delicious meals but not enjoy them because my mind would be on something else.

Since I have recognised this, I now eat with no distractions. I smell my food and really taste it. I appreciate it more. I appreciate myself more for cooking properly and nourishing my body well. I eat slowly and make an effort to enjoy every mouthful. I’m always the last one to finish when with friends and family; but then I am not clogging my digestive system. I am giving it time and space to work to its optimum.

Using your restaurant leftovers to help the homeless……..

This is something I do when I go out to dinner that my good friend Asare taught me. At the end of the meal if there is any food left over, we ask her waiter/ess too pack it up and find a homeless person to give it to. The restaurant will only throw it away so this is a good thing. I would urge any of you that can find someone who can benefit from this idea to do the same.

A Natural Cure For Eczema………..

Juice Diet For Perfect HealthTaken from the book Juice Diet for Perfect Health by Dr D R Gala, De Dhiran Gala and Dr Sanjay Gala – a fantastic book that I have.

“Take a mixture of juices of carrot and spinach with the juice of mixed leafy vegetables. Juice of potato, papaya and watermelon can also be taken. Besides that, potato juice may be rubbed externally on the affected skin.”

Wonderful Superfoods That Nourish You #7 – Ebly

www.flickr.com Has anyone tried this stuff…Ebly? Its so tasty and nutritious. Take a look at their website for exact information on how it provides you with A full Dose of Energy, Proteins, Dietary Fibres, Vitamins and Mineral Salts.

It’s cooked the same as rice and really versatile. I like to put it into salads or have it with roasted vegetables and herbs. But it’s great with anything. You can have it hot or cold. They have some good recipes on their site.

It’s also very economical. A box will cost you a few pounds and it will last you for ages. Oh and it really is delicious when seasoned well.

I personally am a big fan of grains. They are very good for you and easy on the pocket. My Mum brought us up on beans and lentils and all sorts of other grains. Touch wood, I’ve not really had any stomach problems and I think that’s due to the grains. They strengthen your stomach and keep your digestive system in good shape.


Wonderful Superfoods That Nourish You #6 – Almonds…..

www.india-gifts-mall.comMy family have always talked about the strength of almonds. They are very good for the brain. My Mum always tells me to eat some because I work on the computer lots and lead an active life.

Nuts For Almonds is a great site listing all of the details and nutritional benefits of almonds. To name a few, they help with cancer prevention, reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease, strengthen bones etc.

Natural Therapy Pages also has a good lot of information.

I did a quick search on Himalaya Home Remedies on almonds and found lots of results. they can help with Anemia, Jaundice, Dry Coughs, Bronchitis, Acne and more. ( Some of these are helped in concoctions where almonds are one of many ingredients so read up and educate yourself. )

My Mum also says if you soak them, they have a better efficiency. Lots if Indian people say this. I don’t exactly know why yet. Another common thing in India is to boil them in milk and then drink this. Again like soaking, it intensifies it’s nutritional value this way.

It’s also important not to overload on them as too many are equally not good for you. 10-15 per day is sufficient for a person of average body weight.

I got this from Sivandana – a great organisation dedicated to health, wellbeing, peace and love. Worth a closer look.


ALMOND MILK – increase your ojas – Sanskrit (ancient Indian Text) for Vigor

This sustaining and soothing drink was developed by Swami Vishnu-devananda
during the time he was doing intensive sadhana (yoga practice) in the Himalayas.
It is served daily during our Sadhana Intensive courses to increase the sadhakas
ojas. It is a rich source of easily digestible food for a rapid replenishment of
. Almonds are a concentrated source of protein, as well as being high in
vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc
. Almonds fat
content makes them excellent for skin and muscle repair. Highly valued in
Ayurveda, almonds strengthen the respiratory system and lubricate the
The ingredients below are per person. Simply multiply by the number
of people you want to serve.

Recipe per person:

•       10 almonds
•       Pinch of ground cardamom
•       Pinch of pepper
•       1 cup warm milk, soy milk or water
•       1 teaspoon honey

1.      Soak the almonds overnight in enough water to cover
2.      The next day, drain the almonds, reserving the soaking water
3.      Remove the almond skins
4.      Place the nuts in a food processor, or blender, with the soaking water,
   cardamom & pepper
5.      Blend at high speed for 5 minutes
6.      Combine the almond mixture with warm milk, water or soy milk
7.      Stir in the honey
8.      Drink at once

Superfood #5 Chickpeas………

www.naturalfoodsuperstore.comFor as long as I can remember, my Mum has always told us how great Chickpeas are for you. We would have them at least once a week. They are available in 2 varieties – black and white. She has always favoured the black ones saying they have a higher nutritional value than their white counterpart. 

Chickpeas are very cheap and very good for you. For anyone on a low cost diet – especially with the current economic status, they are ideal.


An excellent source of fibre, vegetable protein, starch, vitamins especially ones in the B group and E, and minerals, in particular magnesium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and iron. 

Health benefits:

www.foodsubs.comThey provide valuable protein(when combined with cereals, nuts, grains etc) for vegetarians. They contain insoluble fibre, which promotes regular bowel function and may protect against cancer. They also provide insoluble fibre, which helps to remove cholesterol from blood and hence may protect against heart and circulatory disease. Chickpeas provide slow-release energy, avoiding peaking of blood glucose levels, which is helpful in the prevention and control of diabetes. They contain vitamins and minerals essential for many metabolic functions and which protect against disorders and disease.

Be careful if you are buying tinned chickpeas – check the salt levels as they tend to be high. It’s actually much cheaper to buy a large packet that will last you ages. Plus if you soak them the night before, they will soften and be quicker to prepare. you can also steam cook them either in a pressure cooker or in a steamer. This is probably the best method as it keeps all of the nutrients in and is quite quick.

Chickpeas are great in salads, soups, curries etc but also great as hummus – one of my favourite things. Y0u can also buy ground chickpea flour (vesan/besan) which can be very versatile in cooking. I know in an Indian household, it is used very often in things like Pakoras (onion barji’s,) Indian Sweets, Indian Yellow curry, Indian Savouries like mattia, semia etc and so on. There are literally hundreds of bi-products of chickpeas.

My Mum also said if someone isn’t well, in India, they boil chickpea flour in water and give it to that person. It gives your strength and makes you better.

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