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Have you heard of SuperHeavy?

This is a collaboration with A H Rahman, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Mick Jagger and Damian Marley. SuperHeavy Indeed. Some of my favorite artists in one band – great! Their album is fabulous. Some great motivational and inspirational music. Take a look…

Emelie Sandè’s music does something to me…

It really does. Her song Heaven was something I heard on the radio a while ago now and I had a serious compulsion to find it and hear it again. This isnt normal behavior for me but it happens occasionally. I think she is very talented. What do you think:

The Musical Body Program…

My friend Stewart introduced me to David Ison. I have the full set of CD’s that David has created. They each balance a chakra using a particular musical note.

The Musical Body: Chakra Meditations for Spiritual Exploration provides a liberating experience unlike any other.

The Musical Body is a nine CD, music based transformational system designed to create a deep state of relaxation, release your creative life energy and communicate a practice— a method that brings you closer to your highest self.

Out of the darkness into the light: the path to the Ison Method

“In 1980 I was in a serious car accident. Left unable to walk and in terrible pain, I drew upon my experience as a musician and meditation teacher to explore how I could use breath, meditation, and music to heal and free myself from pain. To my doctor’s amazement, I made a full recovery. Wanting to share my experience with others, I refined what I had discovered and created a new kind of music, and I also developed a new way of using music, which I call The Ison Method™.”David Ison

The Ison Method (IM) has brought relief, self awareness and emotional balance to people and practitioners around the world. Combining music, sound, and vibration with conversation and meditation, IM helps you:

I have personally found David’s work very interesting and healing. I would not hesitate to recommend this.

Ronu Majumdar – We are the world

I am learning to play the Bansuri off my own back.

When I say I am in the preliminary stages, I really am. I can just about get a note or two out of it! But I will learn it. It warms my soul to hear the sound. I will keep you posted on how I progress.

This is a professional at it!!!

Streets of London by Ralph McTell…

If you have not heard this, listen to the lyrics. If you have, enjoy it.

I used to sing this in my school assembly.

Love is my Religion……….

By Ziggy Marley – love these lyrics

Love is my religion

Healing Hypnotherapy by Glenn Harrold MBSCH Dip CH…….

I bought this CD last year with a whole load of other similar ones but only just picked it up now. I am a great believer in ‘there’s a time and a place’ so this is the right time for me to look at this.

I have literally just finished the session and can I just say, it was great. I actually felt things happening in my body like blockages being removed and clearing going on. Glenn has a soothing but practical voice for this. The content was great and I could follow this with ease. I always like listening to these things a few times so that the information really sinks in so I’ll do that. It’s too soon to see the results but I will keep you updated.

I was just on Glenn’s website and quite surprised that I had not heard of him yet. I love the fact that he says he wanted to use hypnotherapy to heal rather than entertain and I respect Glenn for saying that.

There is an abundance of great information and Auranics definitely recommends Glenn’s work. All products including downloads are very reasonable in price. He promotes his work through:

His books include titles such as:

  • Sleep well every night
  • look young live longer
  • lose weight now!
  • De-stress your life in 7 easy steps

Certainly worth a closer look!

The Greatest Love of all….

I still love this song. The lyrics are beautiful and put it all into perspective for me…………..

The Planets by Gustav Holst…………

I remember being introduced to The Planets by Gustav Holst during my Music lessons at school. I was wowed back then by such beautiful and diverse pieces of music. I loved Mars for it’s fire and passion and I loved Jupiter for its calmness and sense of new beginnings that I felt from it.

I had totally forgotten about this until a while ago so I decided to look them up and put a few on Auranics. I like to close my eyes and let my mind listen and wander to these. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

One thing I love to do is play music and ask my friends or family what feeling they got – it makes a very interesting conversation as different people feel different things.

So here they are:




The rest are available on YouTube. Enjoy!

Muse – The Resistance – Uprising

A wonderful song by Muse

A Beautiful Song For All Of You Single People Out There……..

Trouble by Ray LaMontagne. I heard this on the radio the other day and it made me smile really hard! I had to share it.

I’m loving this song right now….


Ladies & Gentlemen, I present String Theory Cello Ensemble…………

www.stringtheorycelloensemble.comI have always found music a wonderful aid to meditation – it helps me to control my chattering monkey mind and go in deeper! If the piece is right, it is wonderful to go on an inward guided journey out of your present space and feel peace and tranquility. So I was very happy to hear about String Theory Cello Quartet because that is exactly what they create – music to mediate to. There is something very emotional about using the string instruments too in my opinion. All in all a fabulous idea I think.

They have some lovely samples on their site for you to listen to. Just Click on Music Tracks to access them.

As the lovely ladies from STCE say in their leaflet:

“Stillness is vital to our sense of well-being: to our ability to reflect. Many people turn to music to find solace there and use it as a focus for their trials and tribulations. Music serves as a mediation for the player and listener alike.” I had never thought of it like that! 

“String Theory have created a musical meditation which threads together sacred and secular vocal music of the Rennaissance. The music mirrors a journey from the cares of the world, to a still point at its centre. From there you are lead forward to face the world refreshed. This is not a typical concert, but more of an event: the emsemble play the cycle continuously and you receive the music. “

Sounds very interesting to me. I am eager to have a listen. I will tell you more about future events as soon as I have further information from Annie Ashton, Una Birtchnell, Fiona Murphy and Catherine Black.

How Fab is this?

Thanks to John O’Shaughnessy from Moon Dragon for introducing me to this – Playing For Change: Song Around The World ” Don’t Worry”

Wonderful Music by Sacred Earth…


Prem & Jethro are the creators of Sacred Earth Music. Prem does the vocals and Jethrow plays most of the various instruments on the tracks and is sometimes assisted by Guest Artists.

I met Prem from Sacred Earth at the MBS Festival in London at the weekend also. She has a beautiful warm charachter and infectious smile. She kindly gave me one of their CD’s – The Way Home. I really like it.

Sacred Earth create music for inner peace. Its slow and calming. I personally love the Indian Bansuri Flute. They use some interesting instruments too. This is great music to meditate to or just chillax to (Chill out + relax. A term created by my mate Rachel!)

I did promise Prem that I would upload a sample track for you guys but my laptop won’t allow me to. Luckily for me, they have some on their website.  Click here to be directed to some samples of their music. (If I get the problem fixed, I’ll add it at a later stage.)

They tour all over the world so if you can go and see them, do. You can also buy their CD’s from their Online Store.



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