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A Real Alternative To A Regular Chemist/Pharmacy…….


These guys have four parts to their business:

1. Resource Library and Bookshop – fabulous idea where anyone can go and do some research on the conditions they need.

2. The Shop“We are Europe’s leading centre for complementary medicine. If you’re looking for nutritional products, vitamins and minerals, herbal and holistic remedies, health supplements, books on treatments and therapies, or advice from some of the UK’s most eminent practitioners, you’re in the right place.”

This is a good store for you to pick up the alternative medicines you need. they also have affiliations with Tesco in the UK so they have a presence in lots of stores. See their website for details.

Yes they have some great products but their prices are a little high. Having said that there are a whole heap of products that are hard to find under one roof. Judge for yourself!

3.  Treatment Rooms– facilities to host leading practitioners in complimentary and natural health

4. Nutritionists – dedicated team offers a personalised service to customers. Also advice on all healthcare concerns. Plus the best bit – a free advice service for anyone on the phone – +44 208 752 8450. I am impressed by this service! 


All in all a very good idea and very much worth promoting. I don’t know what the treatment and nutritional advice costs are – lets hope they are not just for those who are well off and are actually affordable to the mainstream of people who also need these services. If anyone has had any experience with the Nutri Centre, I would be very interested to know more.

Natural Healing Through Natural Remedies – a real alternative

My Dad was into Homeopathic and Alternative medicines quite a lot. About 5 years before he died, he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and told it could be a problem for him if not managed. (He died as a result of an accident not any ailments.) He was a man who refused to take the pills he was given and made a decision to heal himself. I’m not sure how many of you know this but there is a very bitter vegetable – quite rightly named Bitter Gourd/Carela that has been proven to control the blood sugar levels therefore controlling diabetes when administered properly, therefore eradicating the need for conventional it doesn’t really work it just masks the problem kind of medicine. carelaHe never took the pills he had been given by his doctor, he changed his diet, took on a bit of exercise, had Bitter Gourd daily and minimised his condition. When he died, on his death certificate, it said Mild Diabetes. He managed to totally control this condition and refused to belive he had to be dependent on pills. So I became interested in this through my Dad.

 Thanks to www.treklens.com for the picture.

I have also found in my experience, when I have had a problem and tried a natural remedy it has worked or me. Right now, I have Athletes foot and I am treating it with Tea Tree Oil which is working well. When I have indigestion I reach for the Ajwain Seeds/Carum Copticum. ajwainThanks to KhanaKhazana or the picture.

When my 87 year old Grandma had bladder problems, they gave her adult nappies/diapers to wear and told her it was due to her age and there was no alternative. I saw on her face how demoralised she felt – my Grandma is a proud and strong woman. I told her to clench her 3 holes down below to strengthen her muscles. I told her she had to do this at every opportunity and that it would tighten her muscles and she could strengthen the muscles around her bladder. After some time, she told me it worked and she never had to wear the nappies. Why do we see adverts for pads when there is a natural solution here – why does no one tell you about the natural way to solve your issue? If my 87 year old Grandma can do it, anyone can.

I feel the need to stress something here – I would take the fruit/veg/herb in its natural form as opposed to a bottle of herb pills or something like that. I still have a problem with the methods used to extract the medicine to put it into a liquid/tablet form. For example, if I am instructed to eat Bitter Gourd, I will juice it myself and drink it, not take it in tablets. Another example is that I would also never take Vitamin C tablets, I would ensure I eat 2 citrus fruits per day or say a couple of Kiwi fruits so that I know I am getting just the Vitamin C in it’s natural, unprocessed form – nothing else. Plus the processed form can be more expensive than the natural form – something else to consider. This is my personal opinion though. 

So back to the matter at hand, here are a few of the good websites I have found with real alternatives to conventional medicines. Save them on your Favourites and use them as a reference tool. Note of Caution – some of them are public opinions so I saw with one somebody wrote Ibuprofen as an aid to period pains – we know to ignore that one.  

If there is any ingredient you aren’t aware of, put it through a search engine, look at the image too and try and source it.

Home Remedies For You– quite a good one – the public have made their contributions and there are multiple options for each condition. I am quite impressed with this one.

Himalaya Home Remedies– Good one – quite comprehensive. Ailments listed on the left. Gives symptoms, causes, remedies and dietry recommendations for each ailment.  

About.com:Alternative Medicine – Again quite good. Lots of conditions listed.

Tipking – Another good one – people from all over the world have responded with their native suggestions.

Best Home Remedies – Yes good – you need to look at the body region right at the top of the page and then click into each condition. Also has remedies for sports injuries, bites, burns and more.

Khana Khazana – has a bit but very useful info.  

Important Note – do consult your Doctor for the correct diagnosis – do not self diagnose. Once you have this then look into the alternatives. As everything mentioned here is in its natural form, it will not do you any harm if taken in the recommended doses on the sites above. If one doesn’t work, try another remedy listed.

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