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London Fo Guang Buddhist Temple behind Oxford Street….


Yes believe it or not, there is the Fo Guang Buddhist Temple in the hustle and bustle of Central London. I really wish I knew about these places when I lived in London and had my tougher times. (Never mind! At least I can pass these on to you.)

They offer free meditation sessions and Buddhism Classes plus other classes – their website has all of the info.

I found out about the Temple from a  leaflet I picked up at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in London a few weeks ago. The leaflet also had this printed on it which are just wonderfully beautiful words:

  • May palms in every world be joined in kindness, compassion, joy and generosity
  • May all beings find security in friendship, peace & loving care
  • May calm & mindful practice give rise to deep patience & equanimity
  • May we give rise to spacious hearts & humble thoughts of gratitude

There is tons of lovely information and advice for anyone and everyone on their site, like the extracts taken below:

“The seed for Buddhism in England has been sown and will continue to grow. London Fo Guang Shan promotes the four principles initiated by Venerable Master Hsing Yun: “Propagating Dharma through cultural activities, fostering talent through education, benefiting society through philanthropic programmes and purifying human minds”. We also promote Buddhism locally by educating local Buddhists to assist in propagating the Dharma. We are committed to the establishment of a Pureland in western society through nurturing joy and harmony, unity and coexistence, respect and tolerance, equality and peace.”

Amongst many other things, they offer: events like Inter Faith Cermonies (they have one on the 7th of July if you are around), Cultural Events, Community Events and work to help international charitable fundraising projects.

“When people act together, great things are possible. London Fo Guang Shanis looking forward to the collaboration withBritish society and communities in the near future so as to promote enduring interfaith network, create cultures of peace and bring the world harmony and happiness among all people. The London Fo Guang Temple offers a friendly atmosphere for anyone who is interested in its services and activities. It is open to public from 9AM to 5 PM daily except Friday.”

Free Buddhist Audio (but do make a donation!)

Tree in Bath

I have just discovered a great Buddhist website where you can download teachings and talks. They are a UK Registered Charity and reliant on donations. I made my donation and was able to download and listen to a great piece on The Five Methods of Meditation. It was filled with useful theories and information. I am not a Buddhist but I can relate to so many of their teachings. So if this is something you want more information on, take a look at Dharmachakra.


Here is a list a few of the subjects:  

  • Mindfulness of Reality
  • Training in Wisdom
  • What is Mind?
  • Patience & Energy
  • Meditation & Wisdom
  • The Mindfullness of Breathing: Introduction & Guidance
  • Getting Started in Meditation
  • Cutting Away From the Old

I think Buddhism makes a lot of sense when one is exploring their own spiritual journey.


**International Buddhist Film Festival 2009, 7th-17th May – London**

Here is one to put into your diaries if you are in the London area in May.

International Buddhist Film Festival 

The world’s leading resource for Buddhist cinema, the US based IBFF comes to the UK, and the Barbican, for the first time. Part of The Many Faces of Buddhism series, the lineup of programmes here at IBFF 2009 LONDON includes forty-six films from eighteen countries, with twenty-seven UK premieres and three discussion events. Themes of happiness, redemption, reconciliation, simplicity, forgiveness, generosity, community, creativity, humor and personal transformation are explored in many ways.

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