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Being peaceful

thegiftofpeace_pI have this book called The Gift of Peace – created by the Brahma Kumaris. Here is a page I want to share with you:

Desires cause peace to disappear. You think that acquiring things will make you feel secure, but the reality is that the more you have the more fear there usually is of losing it, and the further you are from peace. Desires are the cause of all conflicts. When you want something and you cannot get it, you become frustrated. Learning to be free from desires is learning how to be peaceful.

This is certainly a lesson I have learned of late. I have finally learned to stop wanting, planning and controlling everything and let it all go. It is liberating. It’s wasn’t easy to change but I did it.

What’s the Best Way to Handle Rejection?

Barefoot Doctor: 

“The key is to train yourself to stop taking anything personally. Because although it certainly appears personal when someone rejects you personally or professionally, the reality is instead simply that you’re not fitting into the other person’s current agenda. It’s just like being an actor who’s rejected by a casting director because the actor’s face doesn’t fit the picture the casting director had in mind.

Ultimately it all comes down to trusting that each of us has our own destiny and that if someone or something you wanted doesn’t seem to want you back, it’s merely because your destiny has better plans for you.

So every time something doesn’t work out as anticipated or desired, rather than succumb to feeling deflated or dismayed, let yourself feel relieved as it merely means you’re being saved for something that will serve you more effectively on your path to full self-actualization.”

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