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Chamomile is good for….

Depression, nervous tension, fatigue and headaches, digestive problems like indigestion and flatulence, skin problems like boils and acne and much more. It is also great mixed with other herbs.

I remember seeing James Wong on TV making Nettle and Camomile tea for Hayfever. James has written many books – one being Grow Your Own Drugs – well worth looking at his site.

Black Pepper is good for….

Digestive problems like constipation, heartburn, stomach ache and flatulence. It is also used for muscular pains.

My Grandfather used to use black pepper oil for aches. My Mum will leave some in her mouth to alleviate her sore gums and clean her oral cavity out.I don’t think I could do this personally though!

There is a lot of further information on the properties of black pepper from some great bloggers and websites including:

Sacred Bliss

Annie’s Remedy

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