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Zeitgeist: Addendum

We are sure you have already seen Zeitgeist the movie, it is one of those essential films that likes to throw so much knowledge at it’s viewers. It is a film that truly represented the spirit of our time. It was immediate, powerful, antsy and continuously searching for answers to our modern day existence.

We found it a tough film to watch in one sitting yet we were compelled to keep going back to it and slowly digest each tidal wave of information. This raised many questions for us and we often wondered where the root causes of this pervasive social corruption came from.

Well it looks like those answers are about to be finally answered because the Zeitgeist makers have now created Zeitgeist Addendum (part 2); where they aim to answer all lingering questions left by the original movie.

Please click below to enjoy it!…

Is it all the truth?….who knows?….but it’s still a great movie to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon and if any of part of it is true, then God help us all!!

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