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What’s so wrong with looking your age?

I remember being in Italy a few years ago where I saw a woman probably in her 70’s who had a huge impact on me. There she was, hair done beautifully, full make up – red lipstick, groomed immaculately, dressed well with perfect creases in her trousers and shiny patent shoes. Her face was quite wrinkly like my Grandma’s. I remember thinking – whats so wrong with that? Her lines went in a beautiful direction and when she smiled her character really came through. She oozed confidence and I thought wow! What a woman.

Why do women and even some men these days feel so wrong about growing old? Why do some people spend a fortune on cosmetic surgery, creams/concoctions, treatments, pills, diets etc to avoid this? I really don’t get it. What happened to growing old gracefully? What’s so wrong with wrinkles?

lady-4Everyone fortunate to live a mid-long term life has the opportunity to be young, mature, responsible, trendy…etc and experience every stage of life. Attachment to one of those stages is not conducive to your growth. It’s living in the past and is clinging on to old stuff that you should really have let go of so that you can experience the forthcoming events. Have your own brain, don’t listen to the media!!!

Getting old…is a natural process and we all get old, no matter who we are.  Take pride in how you look, present yourself well and simply be happy. Below is Actress Jane Alexander – doesn’t she look great?


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