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Cant Sleep? Really easy solutions to try……..

I come across people all of the time who just can’t get a good nights restful sleep. So I have put this together for them. It is essential to our wellbing in every possible way for us to be able to switch off an have a good rest before we join the forthcoming day.

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I Certainly in my own experiences this has worked. I have gone from restless sleep patterns to sleep so blissful that my sheets have hardly moved when I wake.

1)  Lie in your bed with your palms facing up, no pillow and feet aflexed. Take in three deep breaths – so from your neck to the pit of your stomach. Feel your chest go up and down with each breath. Focus on the breathing and let your thoughts slowdown. Visualise your body lying there. Start at  your feet and say in your mind “my toes are asleep.” As you say it, conciously switch the toes off. Allow them to take a full rest. You may feel like a sheet has come over them and they have gone to sleep – this is fine. Move to the next part, so “my feet are asleep.” Again shut down that area, enable it to become inactive. Move onto the next “my ankles are asleep.” “my legs are asleep.” “My hips and abdominal area are asleep. “My torso is asleep.”  “My arms and fingers are asleep. ” My neck is asleep.” “My head is asleep.” And finally get to “my bones are asleep and I am totally relaxed.” Take in a few deep breaths and gently bring your awareness back into your surroundings. Open your eyes slowly. Your should feel at peace and relaxed. You are now ready for sleep.

Now this did take me a long time to perfect. I started falling asleep during it – which is fine. Or my mind was chattering about the events of the day or planning for tomorrow. Just try to focus and concentrate. You can put your mind to anything you want to. Don’t get frustrated, just breathe and continue.

2.) Again lie down in the same position as above, without a pillow. Close your eyes and focus your gaze on your third eye – the bit in between your eyes. Take 3 full and long breaths in and out and relax. Say quietly in your mind “Time to sleep now. Time to switch off.” It’s like you are telling yourself to sleep. Everytime thoughts come in, say this to yourself. This often helps me to drift off as my body aknowledges what my mind needs to do.


Essential Oils:

Lavender also help me – I have an oil burner that I add Lavender Oil into but you can do many things with it. Smell lavender flowers, use a room spray, get a lavender candle etc.

Here is a great chunk of information from the About.com:Alternative Medicine website.



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