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The Musical Body Program…

My friend Stewart introduced me to David Ison. I have the full set of CD’s that David has created. They each balance a chakra using a particular musical note.

The Musical Body: Chakra Meditations for Spiritual Exploration provides a liberating experience unlike any other.

The Musical Body is a nine CD, music based transformational system designed to create a deep state of relaxation, release your creative life energy and communicate a practice— a method that brings you closer to your highest self.

Out of the darkness into the light: the path to the Ison Method

“In 1980 I was in a serious car accident. Left unable to walk and in terrible pain, I drew upon my experience as a musician and meditation teacher to explore how I could use breath, meditation, and music to heal and free myself from pain. To my doctor’s amazement, I made a full recovery. Wanting to share my experience with others, I refined what I had discovered and created a new kind of music, and I also developed a new way of using music, which I call The Ison Method™.”David Ison

The Ison Method (IM) has brought relief, self awareness and emotional balance to people and practitioners around the world. Combining music, sound, and vibration with conversation and meditation, IM helps you:

I have personally found David’s work very interesting and healing. I would not hesitate to recommend this.

The Power of Human Sexuality……

Certain establishments will have you believe this is all wrong and that this is dirty, but this is fear based.

They don’t want you to experience this joining together with cosmic consciousness because then, they have no control.

You are free to experience all of this with someone who you deem appropriate for you and visa versa. This is not wrong.

It is a gift to us and it costs nothing.

And breathe…….

I had to remind myself to let go and breathe again recently.

I, like many others, am going through some real changes and it has not been very easy. I am being reprogrammed to leave my old ways behind and embrace new ones. My old ways are what brought me my successes and they are all I know. So it is hard to go with another untested route.

I am learning to just go with things and allowing the universe to steer me to where and how I need to be. Most days, I can embrace this but every so often, I throw my toys out of the pram! I then am reminded that it’s ok. There is nothing to fear. I am using self love consciously to help me to learn and grow.

So for all of those of you who are also going through this, you are not alone!

You Can Heal Your Life…..

I just spent one and a half hours watching Louise Hay’s You can Heal Your Life – The Movie.  Very powerful indeed.

Here is the Trailer.

I have read the book a few times but the movie really resonated with me – I am more of a visual person! I really like Louise’s work.

How I’ve made changes in my life…………

The last few months have been difficult. I had a successful recruitment career that ended sharply due to the economic climate. I was in mobile technology which was one of the many industries that plummeted virtually overnight. It took ages to accept that this isn’t happening anymore. It was hard because I have spent many years in this industry throwing myself into my career always trying harder and achieving great results. My contract was ended and I must have applied for around 50 jobs and nothing was coming through. (Yep I was a Recruiter who couldn’t find a job!) I ended up in frustration land…possibly a bit of self-pity and lots of general misery.  I had got used to a lifestyle and there was a lot of pride and security behind that. It left me with a hole and a job in a new sector at a much lower level that I really didn’t like.

The changes started when I decided to change. I wrote the post on The Law Of Attraction recently and wrote down what I wanted from my life – trying to be as specific as I could without knowing what it was I would be moving towards. I printed this out and had it next to my bed. I  made a concerted effort to read it everyday and visualise what I had asked for and sincerely believed that I would get it. I also got into some financial problems so this needed to be managed. I did Glenn Harrold’s CD on Creating Financial Abundance (see the post below.)

The day after I did Glenn’s CD, I had the idea to reinvent myself as a Healing Masseuse – it just popped into my head. It’s something I have always had in the back of my mind but I wasnt personally mature enough to be able to do that kind of work. I needed to do a lot of work on me. It’s funny because I was always searching for my gift. I even used to tell people that I had no creativity and that my brain and my academic achievements were my talents. Yet I have been massaging family, friends and colleagues with no training for years. I could always hit the pain region straight away. My Grandma and my Mum have always said I should do something like this but like I said, I wasnt ready.

I also found an old college friend who I had not seen for 18 years who is a Sports Masseuse and he really got my thoughts going into this direction. He was sent to me at the right time and I was ready.

So I looked around for a course. For Holistic Massage and Anatomy and Physiology, I was looking at about  1500 GBP which would mean getting myself into even further financial stress. It took me 2 weeks for the solution to come. I found The School of Natural Health Sciences where you can do Tutored or Self Study courses in your own time and space. This was the perfect solution for me and it costed me just under 200 GBP for the two courses I wanted plus Reflexology – which I have always had an interest in.

So in the last few weeks, I have totally reinvented myself. I see a very positive future for me. As soon as I am qualified, I can start practicing.

I did the Tantric Numerology Reading from 3HO (Healthy, Happy and Holy) and my reading was very much based on the fact that I am here to serve. I have also been told that if I chase money, I will not have success.  My purpose is to help others. And my gift is healing. I know I have it and looking back, I have always known I have it.

So that is how my life has changed. Talking to people about this, its become clear that there are many of us going through transitions in our lives today. I hope my story can help anyone going through something similar to have the strength to make that change. We are in a time where everything has been thrown up in the air and a lot of the time it is up to us to determine which direction we would like to go in.

Healing Hypnotherapy by Glenn Harrold MBSCH Dip CH…….

I bought this CD last year with a whole load of other similar ones but only just picked it up now. I am a great believer in ‘there’s a time and a place’ so this is the right time for me to look at this.

I have literally just finished the session and can I just say, it was great. I actually felt things happening in my body like blockages being removed and clearing going on. Glenn has a soothing but practical voice for this. The content was great and I could follow this with ease. I always like listening to these things a few times so that the information really sinks in so I’ll do that. It’s too soon to see the results but I will keep you updated.

I was just on Glenn’s website and quite surprised that I had not heard of him yet. I love the fact that he says he wanted to use hypnotherapy to heal rather than entertain and I respect Glenn for saying that.

There is an abundance of great information and Auranics definitely recommends Glenn’s work. All products including downloads are very reasonable in price. He promotes his work through:

His books include titles such as:

  • Sleep well every night
  • look young live longer
  • lose weight now!
  • De-stress your life in 7 easy steps

Certainly worth a closer look!

Praying for someone you don’t even know……

For as long as I can remember, this is something my Mum has done. When she see’s an Ambulance with it’s sirens on, she will pray for the person who needs it, until she reaches her destination. I personally think that is a really nice thing to do. She has a big heart. She will say – “Please God, help this person through their difficult time and ensure they are safe and well.” And then pray.

It’s kind of like what Anne Jones does with distance healing through her Hearts and Hands Organisation where people all over the world either individually or in an organised group get together and send out positive healing vibes into the world. A beautiful and selfless thing to do.

Also at my Mums Sikh Temple in London, every year, they do a 24 hour gathering and prayers for world peace. Again, selfless and a really nice thing to do.

Reflexology – a great ancient, proven theory for healing

200822911454165677801I am a huge fan of healing yourself naturally. I believe 100% that there is a natural cure to anything anyone is or has been going through. I believe nature over the pharmaceutical, so called “conventional” methodologies any day. Maybe it’s because I am Indian and my parents brought me up to believe in this and as I grew older, and did my own research and made a decision to carry this way of thinking on.

Anyway, I have looked into Reflexology and really admire it’s teachings. Reflexology is a non medical form of treatment in which specific spots on the surface of the body, usually the soles or the palms, are methodically pressed with a view to suitably influencing the internal organs of the body. Alternatively, Reflexology can be defined as a science of stimulating points (usually on the soles or the palms) which have a correspondence or a link with the internal organs of the body. (Extract taken from the book illustrated by Dr Dhiren Gala. This book is really worth getting – it costs a few £’s and is written and researched thoroughly. I would highly recommend it – based on content and cost.)

It makes sense – all of our nerves and bodily systems are interlinked so stimulation of these points can alleviate pain, heal and prevent disease/illness.

Reflexology was prevalent in India and China almost 5000 years ago. It was also found to have been practiced by the Egyptians where a picture was found in the tomb of Ankhmahar – the King’s Physician at Saqquara in Egypt was found. The tomb is estimated to be around 4500 years old.

-Dr Ball of Leipzig, Germany published a booklet describing treatment of organs through pressure points.

-US President W. Garfield was able to alleviate the pains he had, following an assassination attempt by applying pressure to various points in his feet. Painkillers gave him no relief.

I found a great website Healthy Soles School where the founder has dedicated her life to teaching and practicing reflexology. She has written a great piece on the History of Reflexology in chronological order. This is a great solution that has been practiced for many years across many parts of the world.

I remember my Grandad made a small stick, the shape and size of like your middle finger and gave one to all of his children. He said this was a tool for reflexology. So you could sit in a chair, cross your leg over and use the stick to stimulate your pressure points. Great idea!

You can also buy many other products that you can roll your feet on, stand on etc so that your pressure points are stimulated.






Anyone can practice reflexology in it’s simplest form. I recommend that you do some background reading so that you understand the techniques and what to look out for. Then get comfortable and get started. Start from the top of your hands or feet and push on every possible point a couple of times before moving on to the space next to it. If one point is sore, spend more time on it, push it a few more times and alleviate the pressure. Look up what part of the body that point was and work towards healing it. Below are the 2 charts for hands and feet. It makes sense really. That’s where all of our nerve endings are too.  

If you do go and see a practitioner, make sure they are qualified and feel free to ask them about their training and experience. It can be quite expensive as you will probably need a few sessions. You may even decide to use this therapy as a preventative to illness and disease. I have been to see Gopi Gill for Journey Work but I do know that she is a qualified reflexologist and good at what she does. She is worth calling if you are in the Harrow/London area.

Thanks for the pictures


How something as simple as touch can make someone feel so much better

In my culture, we have a great emphasis on serving/looking after your parents. We call this Seva. Parents are very much part of the family until the day they die. They often pass their life teachings down the generations – which some are great and some are not so great – but at least I have the choice to choose which ones I want to take on board!!I see my Mum once a week as all of my Sisters do. We all go over to see each other and ensure her household affairs are in order and do anything around the house that needs doing.

It is a nice feeling to give something back to her. Especially as she did everything for us and there were five of us kids. I cant imagine managing five children so I have some admiration for her for that. She managed the house, did all of the food shopping without a car, looked after us and made sure there was a freshly cooked meal for 7 people on the table everyday. I’m proud of her, she did very well with very little resources.

My Mum is now in her mid sixties and has a problem with her feet. Her nerves really hurt her and they often seize up or stiffen. So as often as I can, I warm up some oil and give her feet a good massage. Sometimes she screams as she is in so much pain when they are touched. But I have the knack of taking her pain out. She gives me lots of blessings after when all of the pain is out and she feels much relief. It’s a small thing that I can do for her. After all, she did so much for me.

Anyway, I love massage. I think it is the best thing ever and its simple yet so effective. It’s my treat to myself to have a regular massage, to de-stress myself and leave me replenished.

Do let your Masseuse know if they have done a good job or not though. I had a few massages that I paid a lot of money for where I didn’t feel very much difference afterwards. I now give feedback at the beginning so that I can switch of and then relax. If it needs to be done softer or harder, I tell them.

The best massage I ever had was a proper Chinese Massage in Dubai. I had a very petite but immensely strong Chinese lady using every part of her body to straighten and realign every part of my body – it was amazing. At one point, she was sliding up and down my back on her shins! I felt like a new person afterwards. Everything had been clicked into its regular place and my body was happy.

I personally think it’s a really nice thing to do for someone – whether it’s your partner, your kids, your parents, your friends..anyone.  There is an abundance of information on the Internet. There are also some good video’s on www.youtube.com that show you different techniques. It’s great how you can learn to use all the different parts of your body to massage, not just your hands.

And don’t forget about you – I often give my legs, arms, head, lower back, neck etc a massage.

Your problems, your issues, and you

I see so many examples where people are going through stuff or have past stuff that they carry with them and don’t deal with. They even integrate it into their daily lives. This can even go onto destroy relationships because the other people around have to endure this.

So take a good look inside yourself. Do you have baggage? Old problems? Childhood stuff? Stuff you should have let go of or dealt with by now?

You have to deal with it. We live in times where there is a huge array of information around us and lots of help. The Internet has opened up a whole new pathway to information – use it.

1) Work out what your problems/issues are

2) Carry out as much research as you can on how you can heal yourself or sort the situation. Look on the Internet, talk to people, find books related to your subject and read them, get advice, join support groups where there are people who have been through your issue/problem before, get outside help like Counselling or see a Healer etc. Empower yourself with knowledge. Write things down if you need to, make a record of what you have learned.

3) Put it all into practice. Do what you need to to remedy yourself. Love, honor and respect yourself enough to want to do that for you.

4) Get on with your life and be happy.

It’s not a fair thing to do – to be a certain way because there is something hovering over you that you have not dealt with. It hurts you and the people around you. So come on, find your solution. Work towards it.

I am able to write this because I solved my problems. I liberated myself and I’m now really happy. You can be too.

The Journey by Brandon Bays – again

The JourneyYesterday, I committed myself to finishing The Journey book. Wow – it was amazing. Brandon has shared so much with her audience – it’s inspiring.

There are snippets I want to share with you in the hope that you will also pick it up and have a read. As I do with all of the books I read, I have underlined particular bits that touch me. Some of these are listed below:

“There is a way in which everyone must follow their own, unique healing path, and it is an experience that no one else can have for you. Spiritual transformation is an inner journey – it’s the soul’s personal path of learning and letting go, and it’s something that must be experienced on your own.”

“I heard it said that when we are born we come in as a pristine, pure, flawless diamond, and through the course of life we dump a not of emotional “shit” on top of it, and obscure its natural brilliance and radiance. Then, when we become adults, we paint varnish over it, to make it all appear shiny and presentable. All we’ve done really is put a hard polished veneer over a bunch of crap. When we present it to the world saying “This is who I am,” we wonder why no one buys it.”

“It feels as if the body wisdom is eager to assist us in letting go of these old issues: if we but make a small effort toward it, it will do the rest.”

“A whole host of buried emotions are stored inside us, and our outer circumstances are merely triggers that activate what is already stored inside.”

I also bought the accompanying CD to the book and so yesterday, I took the day to go through some of the practical work. It was quite emotional but also liberating.

I also went through the process a few years ago. there was a certain issue that I had that I just could not let go of…no matter how hard I tried. It took over me and weakened me in many ways. I had not read the book at that stage and was referred to a Journey Practitioner who took me through a guided meditation into myself. I can honestly say a few days after that treatment, I have never thought about that issue again – it has been totally resolved for me. 4 years on I don’t even think about it. I have let go and moved on.

Has anyone else been through the process? What did you think? Is there anyone who is considering it?



Natural Healing Through Natural Remedies – a real alternative

My Dad was into Homeopathic and Alternative medicines quite a lot. About 5 years before he died, he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and told it could be a problem for him if not managed. (He died as a result of an accident not any ailments.) He was a man who refused to take the pills he was given and made a decision to heal himself. I’m not sure how many of you know this but there is a very bitter vegetable – quite rightly named Bitter Gourd/Carela that has been proven to control the blood sugar levels therefore controlling diabetes when administered properly, therefore eradicating the need for conventional it doesn’t really work it just masks the problem kind of medicine. carelaHe never took the pills he had been given by his doctor, he changed his diet, took on a bit of exercise, had Bitter Gourd daily and minimised his condition. When he died, on his death certificate, it said Mild Diabetes. He managed to totally control this condition and refused to belive he had to be dependent on pills. So I became interested in this through my Dad.

 Thanks to www.treklens.com for the picture.

I have also found in my experience, when I have had a problem and tried a natural remedy it has worked or me. Right now, I have Athletes foot and I am treating it with Tea Tree Oil which is working well. When I have indigestion I reach for the Ajwain Seeds/Carum Copticum. ajwainThanks to KhanaKhazana or the picture.

When my 87 year old Grandma had bladder problems, they gave her adult nappies/diapers to wear and told her it was due to her age and there was no alternative. I saw on her face how demoralised she felt – my Grandma is a proud and strong woman. I told her to clench her 3 holes down below to strengthen her muscles. I told her she had to do this at every opportunity and that it would tighten her muscles and she could strengthen the muscles around her bladder. After some time, she told me it worked and she never had to wear the nappies. Why do we see adverts for pads when there is a natural solution here – why does no one tell you about the natural way to solve your issue? If my 87 year old Grandma can do it, anyone can.

I feel the need to stress something here – I would take the fruit/veg/herb in its natural form as opposed to a bottle of herb pills or something like that. I still have a problem with the methods used to extract the medicine to put it into a liquid/tablet form. For example, if I am instructed to eat Bitter Gourd, I will juice it myself and drink it, not take it in tablets. Another example is that I would also never take Vitamin C tablets, I would ensure I eat 2 citrus fruits per day or say a couple of Kiwi fruits so that I know I am getting just the Vitamin C in it’s natural, unprocessed form – nothing else. Plus the processed form can be more expensive than the natural form – something else to consider. This is my personal opinion though. 

So back to the matter at hand, here are a few of the good websites I have found with real alternatives to conventional medicines. Save them on your Favourites and use them as a reference tool. Note of Caution – some of them are public opinions so I saw with one somebody wrote Ibuprofen as an aid to period pains – we know to ignore that one.  

If there is any ingredient you aren’t aware of, put it through a search engine, look at the image too and try and source it.

Home Remedies For You– quite a good one – the public have made their contributions and there are multiple options for each condition. I am quite impressed with this one.

Himalaya Home Remedies– Good one – quite comprehensive. Ailments listed on the left. Gives symptoms, causes, remedies and dietry recommendations for each ailment.  

About.com:Alternative Medicine – Again quite good. Lots of conditions listed.

Tipking – Another good one – people from all over the world have responded with their native suggestions.

Best Home Remedies – Yes good – you need to look at the body region right at the top of the page and then click into each condition. Also has remedies for sports injuries, bites, burns and more.

Khana Khazana – has a bit but very useful info.  

Important Note – do consult your Doctor for the correct diagnosis – do not self diagnose. Once you have this then look into the alternatives. As everything mentioned here is in its natural form, it will not do you any harm if taken in the recommended doses on the sites above. If one doesn’t work, try another remedy listed.

Can you really heal yourself?

I’m reading The Journey by Brandon Bays at the moment. I’ve had a few health issues that I would like to resolve using the non-conventional techniques. 130 pages in and I’m totally hooked. She uses her own experience of having a tumor the size of a basketball and being told her only avenue to be surgery. Refusing to accept this, she talks about healing through releasing memories trapped in cells which eventually lead to a dis-of-ease = disease. Then goes on to say we have an ‘infinite intelligence’ inside of us to heal ourselves.

The book is packed full of advice and information about knowing oneself and being the best that you can be. Its written in a humbling style – she shares so much with her audience and in a non complex language form. You can catch her on Your Tube – here is just one of many video’s of Brandon talking about her work.


I kind of did it the wrong way around – I had The  Journey experience before I read the book. I have been to see a Journey Practitioner twice now to help me deal with some old stuff. Most Practitioners charge around £300-400. That’s ok, I understand that people need to make a living but it makes this an expensive thing to do. And less people can benefit from this wonderful work due to the cost. I managed to find a very reasonable Practitioner who really did a lot for me. Gopi Gill, through The Journey process, took away a huge memory that was controlling my life and leading me to despair.  I was able to let it all go and move on with my life. She lives in Harrow and has a wonderful therapy room at the end of her garden. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

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