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Praying for someone you don’t even know……

For as long as I can remember, this is something my Mum has done. When she see’s an Ambulance with it’s sirens on, she will pray for the person who needs it, until she reaches her destination. I personally think that is a really nice thing to do. She has a big heart. She will say – “Please God, help this person through their difficult time and ensure they are safe and well.” And then pray.

It’s kind of like what Anne Jones does with distance healing through her Hearts and Hands Organisation where people all over the world either individually or in an organised group get together and send out positive healing vibes into the world. A beautiful and selfless thing to do.

Also at my Mums Sikh Temple in London, every year, they do a 24 hour gathering and prayers for world peace. Again, selfless and a really nice thing to do.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the wonderful Anne Jones…..

image001I was walking around in a book store one day not really knowing what I was looking for. I somehow ended up with The Ripple Effect by Anne Jones in my hand. This book calmed down a lot and made me think of life in a totally different way. It’s full of kindness and spreading it in a giving fashion. I also really like the fact that Anne is British – I just felt that because she lives about an hour away from me, she is more real….maybe reachable….I could relate to her. I don’t know, I can’t explain it. Anyway, I have a lot of respect for Anne’s work. She has a way with words – it’s so gentle yet so empowering. It’s a kind of motherly love she gives you when you look at her work. The summary of this book has been taken directly from her website – I could not have summed it up better so it’s better to read it from the source.

therippleeffectThe Ripple Effect is a guide to your own personal enlightenment in a complex world. It has no rules or regulations, requires no gurus or ‘masters’, but is based on simple principles for a fulfilling and empowering life. As we take responsibility for ourselves, improve our self-esteem, heal our emotions and release our anxieties, we become happier with ourselves and our world. And as we achieve this happiness and peace of mind for ourselves, we find it positively affects those around us.

You will learn how to:
Turn your dreams into reality
Rediscover the spiritual truths that still hold good and translate them to meet your own needs
Find a balance between the demands of family and work
Get back to the basics and rediscover the beauty of ‘truth’
– and how to use it in your everyday life
Feel the ripple effect in action.
Using easy-to-follow techniques, Anne Jones teaches you how to awaken your sense of your own value and worth and ultimately how to find inner harmony.

In addition to being a writer, healer, and seminar speaker, Anne puts a lot of energy in to her Hearts and Hands Organisation. Not only is there loads of information to help you heal yourself, but there is also an emphasis on spreading that positive energy by energy healing into the world so that we can all benefit as humans. I personally think it takes a lot of love in you to do something like that…on that scale…for human mankind. That’s selfless. She’s trying and is making a difference.

And that’s not all! Anne also runs a Helpline with trained Counsellors at the other end to help you get out of whatever you are going through. And there are the events and seminars she runs with her teams all over the world.  

There is quite a bit of information on both of Anne’s websites on healing, meditation and clearing. It’s worth spending some time on her sites and absorbing her teachings.

cd_1I also have her The Healing Magic of Visualisation CD which I have listened to many times and lent to people so they can also benefit. It really helped me in so many ways. I dealt with so much old stuff that was just bringing me down through this CD. It’s a great start if you are a beginner to meditation and great if you have been practicing for years. Anne’s voice guides you safely to peace and happiness.



 Here is a list of the content:

This double CD accompanies Anne’s book “Heal Yourself” with healing techniques and visualisations that are simple to follow – ideal for the beginner to meditation.

1. Breathing White Light – if you Click Here, you can get this meditation as a free sample on Anne’s site.
2. Balancing Your Energy Centres
3. Raising Your Energy
4. Visit your Garden
5. Clearing Negative Thought Forms
6. Releasing Fears and Phobias
7. Connect to your Inner Strength
8. Experience Unconditional Love

1. Cutting the Cords that Bind us
2. Breaking Negative Patterns
3. Forgiving – the Greatest Healer of All
4. Releasing the Burden of Guilt
5. Connect to your Soul
6. Healing our World and all that live upon her
7. Meeting your Guide
8. Swim with the Dolphins
9. Music to Relax and Lull you to sleep

healyourselfI have also read Heal Yourself which was Anne’s first book. At first, the title annoyed me because I used to be a strong person who didn’t like to admit that she was broken. I always held my head up and got on with it. Then I realised that was just my pride and how I built up walls so that no one would hurt me. I learned to relax my shoulders and deal with my stuff so that I could be free. This book really helped me with that. The meditations are great and empowering.

Anne’s work did a lot for me personally. I learned so much and in such a non-complex way. I got rid of a lot of anger and frustration that had boiled inside me for years. I lightened up and started to focus on what is important…me today, not my past. Her teachings are delivered with such love and kindness, you just can’t help but want to take it on board and give in to it.  

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