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Why is it that when there are atrocities/plane crashes/natural disasters etc that we are always told by our news teams how many people died in terms of their nationality? Ie “of those who died, there were 5 British people, 6 Danes and 2 Americans.”

Who cares what nationality they were. The point is that people died. It doesn’t matter what colour or creed they were.

At a soul level, we are all the same. On a human level, we breathe the same. If you cut any of us, we bleed the same.

I believe this creates further divisions between us. In these situations, we should mourn our losses as a whole not as some people do through how many of “theirs” they lost.

We should unite as humans not segregate ourselves.

I am an equalitarian. We are all the same, at the same level. The only one who is superior is God/Higher Power. No man or woman on earth is more superior to any other. I also believe that titles are a bad thing. They create connotations and preconceptions and distance us from total equality.

Ok, I’ve realised I’m ranting. Hopefully you get my point on this. I’m ranting because I feel strongly about this!

Is it possible to learn wisdom from dogs?

If you could choose between being a millionaire with a beautiful spouse and a yacht – or being a dog, which one would you choose?

The majority of us will of course would pick being human. So let’s examine both sides of the tail….oops, we mean tale!

As humans, we have meaningful relationships with people and the objects in our lives. Yet all of them are temporary, friends come and go, family pass away, objects and material pleasures perish and wear off. So the questions is: why pick being human?- What motivates us to be human? money? sex? adventure? – What happens when we are earning more than we previously ever dreamed of? – What happens if we can pick and choose our ideal spouse?

What happens after we have explored the unexplored lands? When we have walked and climbed over new terrains, gathered resources, reached the peak and then looked out to see another new hill/landscape ahead? What happens after we finally clambered over that final peak and find we have achieved our wildest dreams? We’ve made it!-We are accomplished heroes, people now look up to us and talk about us. What happens now that we have reached the pinnacle of our dreams?? What happens now?


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