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A Real Alternative To A Regular Chemist/Pharmacy…….


These guys have four parts to their business:

1. Resource Library and Bookshop – fabulous idea where anyone can go and do some research on the conditions they need.

2. The Shop“We are Europe’s leading centre for complementary medicine. If you’re looking for nutritional products, vitamins and minerals, herbal and holistic remedies, health supplements, books on treatments and therapies, or advice from some of the UK’s most eminent practitioners, you’re in the right place.”

This is a good store for you to pick up the alternative medicines you need. they also have affiliations with Tesco in the UK so they have a presence in lots of stores. See their website for details.

Yes they have some great products but their prices are a little high. Having said that there are a whole heap of products that are hard to find under one roof. Judge for yourself!

3.  Treatment Rooms– facilities to host leading practitioners in complimentary and natural health

4. Nutritionists – dedicated team offers a personalised service to customers. Also advice on all healthcare concerns. Plus the best bit – a free advice service for anyone on the phone – +44 208 752 8450. I am impressed by this service! 


All in all a very good idea and very much worth promoting. I don’t know what the treatment and nutritional advice costs are – lets hope they are not just for those who are well off and are actually affordable to the mainstream of people who also need these services. If anyone has had any experience with the Nutri Centre, I would be very interested to know more.

Juice-Diet for Perfect Health – natural remedies for just about everything

juice-dietI found this book a couple of years ago and since then, constantly refer to it as a reference source. Juice Diet for Perfect health contains a great introduction on the subject and how it can benefit the human body both for prevention purposes and cure. Then it goes on to list just about every fruit and vegetable you can think of, explains an Introduction and it’s Qualities. The Intro provides you with the taste and how it can benefit you medically. The Qualities lists its key components – which I personally found really useful. The end gives you many stories about people who have benefitted and some delicious concoctions to try.

This book costs so little and has such great information – I would certainly recommend it to anyone.

The opening page will also give you an index of the Authors other books – some great ones there. These are methods that have been used for thousands of years in India.

It does require discipline to work. You can’t do it as and when you want if you want a cure. It’s a lifestyle change and will stem from you wanting to make that change.

Has anyone read it? I’d love to hear your comments.

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